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The Nun star Bonnie Aarons is suing Warner Bros for a loss of earnings relating to merchandising.

The actor played the titular character in the 2018 horror film and will reprise her role in the upcoming sequel, but has accused the production company of shorting her share of merchandising revenue (via The Hollywood Reporter).

As per the report, Aarons was paid $71,500 for her role in The Nun, with her contract including a $175,000 bonus tied to box office performance on top of a share of profits from merchandise exploiting her character.

bonnie aarons in 2022

Araya Doheny//Getty Images

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The complaint against Warner Bros., New Line Cinemas and Scope Production claims that “Instead of accounting and paying in a transparent fashion, Warner Bros. obscures and hides the true amount of Ms. Aarons’ rightful share of merchandising revenues, all while continuing to exploit her.”

Her contract reportedly granted Aarons a “pro-rata share of 5% of 50% of the gross receipts” from the merchandising rights. The actor alleges that her share was “inconsistent with the extensive merchandising activities.”

Warner Bros. is yet to respond to Digital Spy‘s request for comment.

Aarons will return as the demonic villain in The Nun II, which is due to be released in cinemas on September 8. Ahead of its release, director Michael Chaves teased that there would be references to the wider Conjuring universe.

valak in the nun 2

Warner Bros.

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“I wouldn’t want to give anything away, but this is continuing the timeline,” he said. “Anyone who saw the first Conjuring knows that Maurice is possessed and then exorcised by the Warrens, and we know that that happens in the late ’60s in the Conjuring timeline.”

“There’s other big ideas and big swings in there, and it’s filled with a bunch of cool Easter eggs. Without giving anything away it continues to fill out the picture and the bigger canvas,” he added.

The Nun II will be released in cinemas on September 8.


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