According to Billboard, a California judge ruled this Lloyd’s of London It does not cover Metallica In 2020, the legendary heavy metal act was forced to postpone six shows due to the financial loss caused by the pandemic.

The lawsuit stems from the cancellation. MetallicaA six-day tour of South America in April 2020. Just weeks before the tour was scheduled to begin, travel restrictions related to Covid-19 were imposed in all parts of the world. Metallica There is no choice but to postpone the dates.

according to MetallicaThe complaint, filed in Los Angeles Superior Court in June 2020, alleges the band’s standard “cancellation, abandonment and no-show insurance” policy with Lloyd’s of London It was rejected by the insurer citing the policy’s communicable disease exclusion. The suit calls the move an “unreasonable interpretation of the policy” and a breach of contract. Metallica They argued. Lloyd’s “It cannot be said with certainty that the outbreak was the efficient proximate cause of the cancellation as there are other sufficiently suspected reasons covered under the policy.”

“Travel restrictions, an obligation to minimize harm, ‘spoofing the curve’ and the need for stay-at-home orders all led to the cancellation of the show,” the complaint said.

In a decision issued on November 30 BillboardLos Angeles Superior Court Judge Holly J. Fuji I disagree with. Metallica“The reason for the cancellation of the concert is a direct response to the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak due to travel restrictions. The evidence… shows that the COVID-19 outbreak has prompted travel restrictions to South America and restrictions on public gatherings. Therefore, the Covid-19 outbreak was an efficient proximate cause of the cancellation of the concerts.

Not long ago Metallica He presented the charges, a Lloyd’s The representative explained in the press release:Lloyd’s It is not an insurance company, it controls and regulates the market of independent insurers. For this reason, whether it is a private policy or an event, we should not make a decision.

In the suit, Metallica Acknowledged Lloyd’s As “a market where independent underwriters work together to sell insurance primarily through brokers, b Lloyd’s brand name.”

Metallica He sought unspecified compensatory damages as well as a statement of the parties’ rights and obligations.

This was not the first time Lloyd’s of London He was involved in a lawsuit related to the cancellation of major rock concerts. Back in 2016, FOO Warriors They have settled their lawsuit against the world-renowned 336-year-old insurance market over claims related to several canceled shows during the band’s 2015 world tour. Because it was canceled with prejudice, the FOO Warriors They are prohibited from re-filing the case on the same claim. Terms were not disclosed.

Some of them FOO Warriors Scenes are called after the frontman Dave Grohl In the year On June 12, 2015, he broke his leg at a show in Gothenburg, Sweden. The damage caused seven shows to be canceled. Three of these dates are mentioned in the suit. After the leg was treated. Grohl He went on to perform 53 concerts, mostly on a temporary “throne” stage.

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