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Nintendo has announced a new release Fire sign participation Soundtrack single, which includes the game’s opening and ending theme songs. The album will be released in Japan on March 15, 2023 and will cost 2,500 yen (approximately $19). The single comes in a CD + Blu-ray package and includes exclusive content. of A special audio edition of Fire Emblem Album is now available for pre-order at select Japanese retailers.

of A special audio edition of Fire Emblem The soundtrack comes packaged in a triple case, and includes a Blu-ray disc with a special edit of the game’s opening and closing scenes. Additionally, the single comes with a set of 26 clear image sheets featuring the main character, Aler, and the rest of the iconic characters.

The album only includes the Japanese opening and ending themes from the game. The opening theme is titled “Engaging Logo” and was performed by artist Ryo. Meanwhile, the English version of the opening was performed by vocalist Barry Bach. The finale theme is called “Fiery Bonds” and artist Renee will perform the song. In the English version, Catherine Eames sings the song.

Fire sign participation Available immediately on Nintendo Switch.



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