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Famous producer Bob Rock – the man from Some kind of monsterAmong his many notable hits—the Jericho podcast that recently appeared on Talk and somehow made the latest Mötley Kree drama even more silly. While praising Nicky Sixx’s desire to improve as a bassist – he may have given up – Sixx once told him he wasn’t sure the bassist had played on Mötley Crüe’s first four records.

“[While we were making 1989’s] “Dr. Good mood, [Nikki] He tells me, he goes, ‘I don’t think I played on a Motley Crue record. I think someone came in the night and replaced all my parts.’ ‘So I don’t know how to play the bass,’ he says. I said: ‘It’s too bad. You’re playing bass on it.’ So with him Dr. Feelgood’, he did a lot of editing and made him play every note. But when we were doing the songs on ‘The Dirt’, ‘The Dirt’, we went to see him and started making the demos. He picked up the bass and started playing, and I was like, ‘Whoa, whoa, whoa. What’s going on here?’ He had been taking bass lessons for five years. Suddenly he’s an amazing bass player. And I think that’s great, at that point in his career, he wanted to be better. I appreciate that. So now, on to ‘The Dirt’, Nikki and Tommy [Lee] Both played live upstairs.

The Rock praised all the members of Mötley Crüe for their performance in the studio, confirming what John 5 told Eddie Truck this month.

“Bob used to come and [say], ‘Okay, let’s try this here, and here and here here. It was one of the most amazing experiences ever… I’m thinking, ‘We’ve got really cool technology today’… But we got in that room and it was like making a song in a garage when you’re on a high. School was… incredible, and we recorded a lot too.

I don’t know if Sixx played bass or not Too fast for love, Shout out to the devil, Theater of pain And Girls, girls, girls. That’s probably the story he told The Rock—and we all know the members of Mötley Crüe are rarely cool—and I doubt we’ll ever get an official answer one way or the other. I’m more interested in how Vince got Neil in shape.