BLACKPINK’s Lisa’s unexpected challenge has gone viral

Networks love healthy interactions.

BLACKPINK In Australia it was met as four, where Rose She spent some of her childhood when Rod Laver took over the arena one night Born Rose Concert in Melbourne.

The concert was special for many reasons, and one lucky moment between BLINK, ROSE and Lisa When networks aired the comedy show, it quickly went viral.

(From left:) BLACKPINK’s Jennie, Jisoo, Rose and Lisa at the Soundtrack on Day 1 of “Born Pink” in Melbourne. | @lovesBP3000/Twitter

BLACKPINK are on the road starting in October 2022 as they travel the globe for their 62-show tour. Born Rose World tour.

BLACKPINK in Singapore on their “Born Pink” tour | @BLACKPINK/Twitter

The band has garnered attention for their sweet interactions with fans on each of their tours, and Day 1’s Melbourne show was no different.

While the band sang their final song of the night, “If It’s Your Last,” they got attention after a lucky BLINK presented Lisa with a Nintendo Switch.

As Lisa greets fans in the crowd, Rose notices a Nintendo Switch out and points it out to the group. MaknaeWhich she happily asked a staff member to give her.

Before the owner of the switch posted their own story, the videos of the moment went viral, and the netizens wondered what game it was that caught Lisa’s attention.

The owner of the switch shared the moment on Tik Tok and revealed that they gave Lisa the unfinished. Mario Kart Race to finish.

As she entered the game, Rose hilariously changed the lyrics of “If It’s Your Last” to “Lisa playing Nintendo; I don’t know whyHe said. The Nintendo Switch owner revealed that the race was set at 200cc, one of the fastest settings in Mario Kart, which might ironically explain why Lisa invested in the game.

A behind-the-scenes look at the season, TikTok went viral with over 156,000 views in less than four hours.

Netizens shared their love for a healthy moment and praised how sweet the BLACKPINK members are, admiring how Lisa played the game.

Watch the full moment in the video below!


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