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It’s another day and another fact learned by Busy. This time, the latest discovery is that Drake is Jewish.

On Tuesday (December 13), Boozy Badaz sat down with DJ Vlad to discuss Drake’s bars. Her loss Fan-favorite track “Circo Loco”, featuring Canadian superstar Kanye West. “Meeting Ops, bi***h I did that sh*t for Jay Prince/b**h, I did it for mob ties,” Drizzy said of his true love for the controversial fashion designer. .

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When Vlad explains the situation to Boosie in detail, he brings up the fact that Drizzy is Jewish, just like the community of people you’ve been vehemently opposed to for the past few months. The Baton Rouge native was shocked that he didn’t know this information.

“Yeah? Drake’s a Jew? Damn it!” Boozy yelled. “Drake’s not going anywhere for 80 years! He might be powerful! I don’t know!”

Vlad interjects, details Draizin’s Jewish background, and mentions O’Brien’s Bar Mitzvah in the video. take care “HYFR”

“Drake’s mother is Jewish. Drake had a bar mitzvah, there’s footage of it,” Vlad explained. “Remember when he did that whole bar mitzvah music video with Lil Wayne? He might have missed it.

“I remember someone who grew up in Drake’s area hit me about it. Drake grew up with his mother and his mother’s Jewish family in the Jewish part of Toronto. He wasn’t around his father; his father moved to Memphis. He didn’t grow up with his black family; he grew up with his Jewish family,” he said.

After Buzi found out where Vlad was taking the points A proven lover boyVlad pointed out that Ye disses because of his anti-Semitic remarks.

“So how? [is Kanye] Shocked that you’ve been threatening Jews for two weeks, and the Jewish guy was like ‘F***k you’ on his new album? How surprising is this? “

Elsewhere in Drake news, the Toronto artist recently revealed that he owns a diamond chain made from 42 engagement rings — which he reportedly never wears.

On Tuesday (Dec. 12), Alex Moss New York uploaded a clip to his Instagram account promoting Drizzy’s new piece titled “Pre-Engagement.”

The chain was created using 351.38 carats of diamonds “set in 18k white gold”, recalling that “every time he thought about it, but he never did”, according to I.G. As the caption reads.

Watch Boosie’s interview above, and see Boosie’s final response to another learned fact: the passing of Hugh Hefner. (Warning: This video is NSFW).

Drake is wearing a woolen jacket

Drake is wearing a woolen jacket

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