BTS’ SUGA has dropped a stunning first concept photo for D-DAY showing his scarred comeback

BTS member SUGA has shared the first visual from his upcoming solo debut album ‘D-DAY’, and if this collection of concept photos is any indication, it’s an impressive talent show. The debut event on April 21 is expected to be an exciting release from the BTS member alongside the music video for ‘Haegum’, a traditional Korean musical instrument, as well as the act of lifting a ban on something. The album’s release will be followed by an exclusive documentary titled ‘SUGA: Road To D-DAY’, which chronicles the creative journey of the 10-track album.

D-DAY first concept photo

At midnight KST on April 17, the first set of concept photos for SUGA’s upcoming solo album titled ‘D-DAY’ was shared on BTS’ social media accounts. With this, fans have a first look at what the album release will look like. However, knowing how secretive and creative SUGA is, you may instead be presented with a completely unique record unrelated to photos. The first concept photo sees SUGA in a thin suit with a vest and slicked-back hair. However, it is the scar on the right side of his face that has everyone’s attention. Very reminiscent of the ‘Daechwita’ days, The Scar is back, promising another amazing release from SUGA.

The following three photos show the other side of his face, shot against the backdrop of a police station. Donning a fascinating detective, we wonder what awaits us this time.

As SUGA looks through the last camera, a fire seems to be lit in front of him.

SUGA’s solo debut

Being the fifth of the group to go solo, with only V and Jungkook left to follow their official solo path, SUGA is no stranger to the solo world, having previously released two mixtapes titled ‘Agust D’ and ‘D-2’. It is known that ‘D-DAY’ will be the end of SUGA’s Agust D, as the BTS member’s alias Agust D may be saying goodbye for good. The star’s August D releases were all inspired by anger in some way, and as he grew older, he calmed down and found peace with many of the things he used to dare. According to fans and critics alike, Agust D, the moniker may not return for some time.

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