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Jungkook is ARMYs’ best friend!

BTS‘s Jungkook has been keeping ARMYs on their toes after making his TikTok account go public.

BTS’s Jungkook | @jungkook.97/Instagram

Over the past few weeks, Jungkook has taken ARMYs on a rollercoaster on TikTok, from the moment he exposed his “Ian” account to changing his username multiple times and eventually being verified.

Well, it seems like Jungkook has been using his account as another way to interact with fans in the cutest way. Recently, the talented user @juheeyu_twt on Twitter did a live broadcast on their TikTok account, doing some adorable drawings.

While watching, eagle-eyed netizens noticed that Jungkook’s username appeared in the comments.

Throughout the broadcast, Jungkook was seen making different comments, whether it was asking if it was a live stream, saying hello, or just thanking them for support.

After seeing what happened, netizens couldn’t get over what Jungkook was doing, sharing how cool he was and how he was truly acting like ARMYs are his friends.

If that wasn’t enough, Jungkook’s public account has meant that netizens can see what the idol has been liking. His account is full of videos from ARMYs, whether it’s doing his challenges, memes, or much more, and fans are always checking to see what new content he’s liked.

Even more recently, Jungkook has been liking a variety of content from fans, all showcasing their talent, and the idol has been giving his support in the best way he can. Although a “like” can be small, it’s a big thing, and the fact Jungkook is actively searching and interacting with posts means a lot to fans.


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♬ Seven (feat. Latto) – Clean Ver. – Jung Kook & Latto


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♬ Seven (feat. Latto) – Clean Ver. – Jung Kook & Latto


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♬ Seven (feat. Latto) – Clean Ver. – Jung Kook & Latto

As always, Jungkook wants to make sure he has a way to interact with ARMYs, which is truly iconic. After his account was verified, it doesn’t seem like he is going anywhere, and now ARMYs can keep up-to-date with what the idol is doing through his TikTok.




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