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Seventeen fans, known as Karats, are outraged by the predatory ticket sales tactics for the group’s upcoming Seoul concert.Follow to Seoul‘ .

First, there was an issue with the price of the concert tickets, which ranged from 198,000 KRW ~ 154,000 KRW (~$110 ~ $150). This is more than the price most fans pay to purchase an official fan club membership (22,000 KRW), which is the only way to access the fan club pre-sale. In particular, the price hike in the farthest seats in the dome, including the third and fourth floors, has angered fans and observers alike.

and then, Pledis entertainment He took it a step further by introducing an official fan club pre-sale lottery that sparked outrage.

All fan club members must enter this separate lottery to have a chance at the pre-sale. Only those selected by random lottery will be given the opportunity to participate in the Fan Club pre-sale.

However, Official Fan Club members who have been successfully selected during the lottery must pay for their tickets before being assigned a seat. Patrons cannot confirm which seat they will pay for after checkout. After payment, if a fan wishes to cancel their purchase, they will be subject to a cancellation fee.

General Public Sale indicates that some seats will be reserved for General Public Sale without being released during the pre-sale period; However, typically many fans will not risk their chance at a general public sale when there is a fan club pre-sale.

This “lottery” system, which is popular in the Japanese music industry, was introduced in 2010. HYBE accounts As for artists Tomorrow x together from last year. For Seventeen, their Seoul concert in July appears to be their first attempt at the lottery system.

The fans are strongly condemning the “exploitative” ticketing system in the following comments.

“Why should someone pay for a seat without knowing where to sit..?”

“150,000 KRW for the fourth floor of Gocheok Sky Dome?? Who will pay and go there??”

“I see, so HYBE doesn’t want fans to go to the concert, they want to spoil Seventeen.”

“This company is poisoned by greed.”

“You have to pay before you see your seat and if you don’t like that seat you have to pay another fee to cancel… Ridiculous.”

“Why does HYBE always do everything like the Japanese?”

“If other companies start following this corporate rat hole…”

Meanwhile, Seventeen’s ‘follow to Seoul’ concert will be held July 21 at 7pm and July 22 at 6pm at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul.