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Most of the time, K-Pop fans are exposed to edited photos of artists. Rather than overly editing the artist’s features, lighting, skin texture and tone, as well as things such as errant hairs are fixed. For the longest time, fans have been hoping to see more “non-whitewashed” photos of their idols.

Fans of TXT got their wish when Rolling Stone released unedited photos of the boys at 2023 Lollapalooza Chicago. The boys looked gorgeous in their natural skin tone.

Here’s Yeonjun looking handsome on stage.

He pulled off the most breaktaking performance ever. Look at his expressions on stage!

Soobin also looked gorgeous, if a little more tan than usual in the stage lighting.

Soobin is known for being one of the fairest members in the group, so rather than whitewashing, it seems to be a matter of lighting for him.

HueningKai looked amazing with his yellow-blond hair.

He gave their show his all!

Taehyun was super passionate on stage as the main vocal of the group.

He’s a true professional, with the way he entrances you with his stage presence.

Last but not least, Beomgyu looked like a prince on stage.

We’re loving his long hair.

The stage lighting did make the overall photo tone a little more yellow than usual, as can be seen from the group picture below.

Fans should also note that there is usually a strong difference in skin tone, based on camera, lighting, and background.

Here’s an unedited photo of the boys right before the set, in natural sunlight for reference. This is probably the truest you can get to their natural skin tone.

Fans are also delighted that they’re embracing idols’ skin texture.

They were full of praise for the boys.

One thing’s for sure — edited or not, the boys always come out looking perfect.




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