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BLACKPINKS Rose She recently sat down with ALL Korea for an “Emoji Interview” and revealed her latest life move emojis.

She recently shared that her favorite thing is to take photos on her new camera.

However, her hobby isn’t just taking any old photos – she takes them. Amazing Photos with this special camera.

No matter how many photos this camera takes, it makes it look like it was taken professionally.

– Rose

She likes to use it to take pictures of who she is with.

All I have to do is bring this camera. Take pictures of my friends, take pictures of the staff.

– Rose

Amazingly, the camera you use looks just like a camera emoji!

She took out the premium camera to show everyone how beautiful it looks. She is also very stylish wearing it as an accessory.

From the satisfying shutter sound to the ability to make every shot look good, fans were intrigued and wanted to buy the camera.

However, if you’re not that serious about photography, you might want to pass it up: the FujiFilm X-Pro3 costs around $2,000!

Watch her full interview below.