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Gloria revealed a couple of gun-toting photos from her childhood and her fans had fun making jokes at the Memphis rapper’s expense.

Hours late with her engagement Thursday, Big Lo set Twitter ablaze on Friday (May 26) with photos of herself showing off a young man with a silver gun and another proudly brandishing a shotgun with a banana clip.

“I think I’ve found the funniest teenage pictures on the internet,” she wrote with a laughing emoji.

Fans couldn’t get enough of the photos of the clad Glo and many memes and videos quickly flooded her responses as the tweet boasted more than 36,000 likes at press time.

“I know you’re a bad ass,” replied one fan, while another compared her appearance to Lil Bow Wow’s Calvin Cambridge 2002 character. Like Mike.

A fan asked Glo: “Cuzzs who’s texting you and putting fear in?”

These weren’t the only gun-toting images of Gloria to hit the internet in recent weeks.

Earlier this month, NBA star Jay Morant was on social media after receiving a second suspension from the Memphis Grizzlies after brandishing a weapon on Instagram Live.

One fan compared Morant to Glo with a rare photo of her proudly puffing on a shotgun in her backyard, which has racked up 38,000 likes. “I was bullied in high school so embarrassed,” Gloriala wrote in a now-deleted tweet.

GloRilla Twerks for Kai Cenat during Flirty IG Live

GloRilla Twerks for Kai Cenat during Flirty IG Live

With her days of glo gun branding behind her, the 23-year-old can safely leave that behind and focus on her progress in the rap game.

On the music side, Gloriala released the raunchy “Lick Or Sum” earlier this week, which samples Three 6 Mafia’s 1999 song “Slob On My Knob” but flips it into a female bliss perspective.

lick my clit, make this pc cream / how to make russian cream make this mutafuk” she raps. “Smokin’ on this roll, you know my fat / Lookin’ like he’s fiendin’, got his nose in my crack!

Find more fan reactions to Gloria’s childhood gun pictures below.