Here’s the Oasis album “Lost” – created by AI

A UK band used AI to predict what Oasis would sound like if they reworked and released a new album in 2023.

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The eight-track album – cleverly titled ‘AISIS’ – was produced by indie band Breather, who created their own tracks, then added Liam Gallagher’s vocals on top.

It shows how the band could sound today if they improvised and released new music fitted with their iconic sound recorded in the 90s. All eight tracks are original releases created by Breezer throughout Lockdown 2021.

Describing the project as an “alternate truth concept album”, the Breezers explained how they came up with the idea after getting fed up with waiting for the Brit-pop icons to reunite. “Waiting for Oasis to improve is boring, so we got Lim Gallagher (inspired by @JekSpek) to come in and help us out,” they wrote on YouTube.

“It looks like a perfect match, and we love how some of these turned out. If you want to hear more, we have a 2nd set of songs for you; Please let us know in the comments,” he added. “We’ve had the pleasure of convincing our mates that these are the lost tunes of Oasis, and I suggest you give them a try too.”

At the time of writing, ‘The Lost Tapes/Volume 1’ has over 8,000 views on YouTube – and surprisingly, an overwhelming response from fans.

“I can’t tell you how good this is!!!!! It is unbelievable to think that something like this can be mixed. Great job!!! Please lyrics for songs and more videos as soon as possible,” one fan wrote in the comment section.

Another added: “I’m really impressed with the songs and AI recreating Liam’s voice/s here. I’m getting along better with some of them than being Liam and Noel’s solo work.

Currently, neither Liam nor Noel Gallagher have commented on the project, which launched online four days ago.

LONDON – 1995: Oasis lead singer Liam Gallagher and brother Noal Gallagher at the opening night of Steve Coogan’s Comedy Show in London’s West End. (Credit: Dave Hogan/Getty Images)

While fans may be excited to hear new Oasis-inspired music, the band’s true fate still hangs in the balance. In recent years, the potential for an Oasis reunion has been toyed with by its members – although any concrete plans have yet to be announced.

Liam Gallagher recently took to social media to condemn his brother for “doing a lot of damage to Oasis as a brand”.

The comments came in response to an interview with Noel. France Inter, Liam revealed that he had to call and meet again to “get the people”. “He must call my people,” he said. “He got my number, he got my manager’s number. Call us. But you know what? He won’t call.”

Responding on Twitter, Liam wrote: “That’s how I see the little fella aka Potato has done a lot of damage to Oasis as a band/brand,” he continued, “Not only that, but he’s made a lot of adjustments to do it.” “But for me, for you, the fans, it’s what made us where we are today.”

In other AI news, earlier today (April 18), Universal Music removed an AI-generated collaboration between Drake and The Weeknd from all streaming platforms.

‘Heart On My Sleeve’, which uses technology to mimic the voices of the two artists, has managed to get 13 million views on TikTok alone in a few hours. In a statement, Universal explained the decision to drop the song.

“Training Generative AI using our artists’ music (represents a breach of our agreements and breach of copyright law) as well as access to infringing content generated by Generative AI on DSPs raises questions from which side. History All stakeholders in the music ecosystem want to exist.

“Artists, fans, and creative expression of humanity, or on the side of profound fakery, fraud, and denial of proper compensation to artists.”

Also last month, Bad Seeds frontman Nick Cave said, “Chatgpt should just sing and leave the songwriting alone.” The comments follow his previous condemnation of AI using platforms to write songs – describing the process as “a cruel mockery of what it means to be human”.


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