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That’s no secret. Gene He is incredibly popular in Japan for his music, flawless vocals and actor-like looks. To this day, he remains The only K-pop soloist to peak at #4 on the Japan Hot 100 chart in the past decade.

Not long ago, the famous music producer and director, Saito Isuke, He admitted that he decided to do it Give BTS a chance in Japan After we know the gene. In addition, the artist has won a lot of praise for his solo music Critics around the world . Moreover, he received great appreciation for his singing ability.

Rinko Matsushima, a member of the Japan Popular Music Research Association and former director of the Japan Music Pen Club, reviewed Jin’s vocal abilities, analyzing the song “Yours”. The post received a lot of attention from the Japanese public and eventually reached international fans. Here is the English translation Evaluation:

“The voice of a genie singer has a very clear voice. The mixed voice is characterized by a sweet tone and strong clarity. In a high key, genie can mix and break the nasal voice, which is rare. On the other hand, the head. The voice in the high register is very It is characterized by a gentle trunk with a bright and beautiful sound. The head voice has a strong sound on the top notes. A stable high tone is well displayed during Jin’s live performances. The melodies are very accurate and smooth. The sound quality is clear and stable, with many breaks and “muddy”. They are not what they seem. The clarity in the pronunciation of the lyrics is also amazing, which helps create a personal connection with the lyrics. Listeners.”

Last year, Japanese DJ and MC K-pop events; Masayuki FuruyaAlso, Gene Voices gave a review on “Yours”:

“Jin is described as a silver voice in Korea. He has a unique high-pitched voice and this song uses Fatiton a lot. It’s amazing to have the breathy, whispery voice and falsetto voice.”

Some examples of Gene’s falsetto:

Gene Mostly thanks to him. Clear sound and amazing stability allow the artist to show amazing vocal dynamics. The singer always amazes the audience, every time he goes on stage, he shows a high level of vocal performance. People who have been able to hear BTS songs live always say that Jin is the most impressed with their vocals!