Joe Lynn Turner wants to ‘make his own mark’ as he joins The Rainbow after Ronnie James Dio’s exit.

In a new interview with Gary Stuckey with Real Music, Joe Lynn Turner He was asked what his first reaction was when people said he had “big shoes to fill” by joining Rainbow Following the release of the famous singer Ronnie James Dio. (Graham Bonnet He sang briefly Rainbow Later in 1979 Dio And it only lasted one album “down to earth”Before replacing Turner.) JoeWho front Rainbow In the year From 1980 to 1984, he helped them achieve the biggest American hit of their long career. “Stone Cold” And “Street of Dreams”responded (as copied BLABBERMOUTH.NET): “I’ll give you the exact quote. I think Kerang! When a magazine comes back, and they say, ‘Oh, you’ve got big shoes to fill.’ So I turned around arrogantly and said, ‘I’m going to make my own mark.’ … “i would. I sing like me. I write like me. I do what I do.’ I was actually just doing what I am. He was hired to do. [Ritchie] Blackmore He wanted a more commercial aspect to his music. He wanted to chart. He wanted to fit Billboard. He wanted to enter the top 10. His favorite band – one of ’em, anyway – is ABA. God of Iron. ABA!

“When we wrote our songs, we kept the hard rock integrity of the music, but at the same time we brought our own. ‘Stone Cold’s and “Street of Dreams” And ‘I can’t let go’ – Not only did they hit the popular market and get chart recognition, but we sold a lot of records and played big concerts and the band took off. And that was the idea behind it. So when I get mad about being ‘oh he’s a pop singer’ – I’m just doing my job. This is what we want to do. ‘Look, this is my job. I’ll take the job.’ Tell me a guy, if they were offered that gig, they wouldn’t take it. Now, I don’t know if they can or not. If they could afford it…but tell me someone who wouldn’t take that gig. I’ll take Giga. And we were real. Loyalty”

last month, Turner He said how he landed. Rainbow In an interview with Rolling Stone, Gig said: “It was after that. Fandango broke up. I live in a one-room studio apartment in the downtown West Village, looking for gigs, going to shows with a guitar on my back. I was running out of money. Call me one day. It is a person called Barry. I found out later Barry Ambrosio. had been. RichiePersonal assistant. At first he did not admit his identity. He was just asking a lot of questions. ‘Hey, who’s this?’ I thought it was my friend’s friend who was wearing me. He’s like, ‘You love it Deep purple? do you like Richie Blackmore? I’m like, ‘Look, I’m going to hang up now because this is ridiculous. who are you?’ He goes, ‘I Barry. i am RichiePrivate. He wants to stop here and talk to you.’ He calls and looks like this [British accent] ‘Hey, mate. Do you want to come to the hearing?’ I said, ‘Who is this, really?’ He goes, ‘I am.’ I didn’t believe him. He said, ‘Look, I’m going to get you on the phone. Colin HartThe guide will give you detailed instructions and directions. Colin He gave me a train ticket and took me to the studio in Syosset, Long Island Syosset voice. That’s where I met Richie And [DEEP PURPLE/RAINBOW bassist] Roger [Glover] on the table. After five or ten minutes, they were like, ‘Now get in there and sing into the microphone.’ The rest is history.”

When asked how worried he was at the time, he stepped up to the microphone; Turner “I was nervous, but I needed the gig, so I just focused on, ‘I want this job.’ I didn’t even realize how big it was at the time, so I think that helped the nerves.” Blackmore And he was very happy. At the same time, I was really excited for the gig… all my will and everything and I went, ‘You’re going to kill this on the mic right now. You do whatever you have to do.’ They started throwing traces. Then they said, ‘We have a song.’ ‘i surrender’. We want you to sing for him.’ And I said, ‘Of course. Let me hear it two or three times.’ And they did. ‘Can I change some things?’ They said yes. Do what you will.’ I sang it on my way. Later I got compliments [‘I Surrender’ songwriter] Russ Ballard I had a fantastic performance and different textures on some of the melodic lines. He doesn’t give me any writing credit, but that’s okay. The song was number three. [hit]. We did well with that. But that’s what sold them and I was able to write. I always have a writing pad with me. I always write poetry, poetry, call it what you want. A lot of the tracks they threw at me didn’t have anything, so I had to make up melodies and lyrics on the spot.”

Joe He sang on Rainbow album “Hard to Heal”It produced the band’s most successful UK single “i surrender”.

Season TurnerThe time with RainbowThe band had their first US chart success and recorded songs that helped define the melodic rock genre.

Photo credit: Agatha Nigrovskaya


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