Kanye West’s crumbling $57 million Malibu mansion could be left to rot forever after the rapper’s construction company quit

Kanye West’s $57.25 million Malibu beachfront home could be put to rot after his construction company quietly collapsed last year, The US Sun has learned.

The rapper and entrepreneur is thought to be in some financial trouble after the Yeezy brand was dropped by Adidas in October due to his anti-Semitic comments.

Kanye’s mansion continues to deteriorate after leaving the house amid financial issues.Credit: BackGrid
Kanye West has previously admitted to losing ‘billions’ after being dropped by several brandsCredit: Mega Agency

It then fired contractors working on the Japanese-inspired property it bought in September 2021, which insiders said collapsed midway through renovations.

Now, The US Sun reports that the star was hired by Yeezy Construction Inc. in November. It can reveal closure, which means the decaying habitat can remain in its current state for good.

Exclusive new photos show just how messy it is.

When Kanye bought the contemporary gray cube designed by renowned architect Tadao Ando, ​​it was partially boarded up with windows and the interior just needed to be renovated and painted.

The property was intended to be a “part-house, part-sculpture” with a handful of Ando designs appearing across America, but Kanye burned the place down and now all that’s left is a concrete shell and rusted roofs with utility pipes left under the property next to the beach.

His construction company, based in Wyoming, bought a $14 million ranch that he took off the market last August and is believed to be gathering dust.

Financial activities

The 45-year-old was determined to establish the Yeezy brand in Cody, Wyoming, renting and buying several properties, but abandoned that idea and now secures a home on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles. .

He claims to have lost “$2 billion a day” when he was dropped by several brands, but with the help of his new ‘wife’ Bianca Sensori, he is determined to bounce back.

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It has begun leasing a 7,400-square-foot showroom on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles, with exclusive photos showing construction work underway at the site last week.

Reports first said earlier this month that the location would be a new store selling Kanye merchandise, but The US Sun revealed that it’s more of a “Yeezy HQ,” according to an insider.

The leak: “The vision of the use has changed to multi-purpose, not just a store.”

“They’ve been hosting parties at the venue for three weeks in a row and giving out samples for the latest collection.”

The massive building – just a few doors down from the adidas store – has windows and doors covered in Ye’s signature dark gray paint throughout.

Earlier this month, workers were seen hammering and building at the back of the property, while other crew members were flooding floors inside.

Ongoing lawsuits

Kanye seems to be focused solely on his new location as he hopes to relaunch his fashion and music career, as his damaged assets have been put on the back burner.

The star has been the subject of several lawsuits over the past few years, but they are not the only ones facing him as former employees and artists have accused him of stealing riffs.

A court investigation into Yeezy’s previous lawsuits, many of them related to Adidas, found that 952 lawsuits have been filed in the U.S. Kanye has been personally sued 94 times.

Among the problems is a lawsuit brought by The Gap, which is suing the partnership for $2 million, according to documents obtained by TMZ.

The gap is claimed by the Art City Center; A Yezi clothing line storefront is leased by a company that owns a building in downtown Los Angeles.

Kanye has been accused of labor violations and restrictive and unorthodox school rules by former teachers at controversial LA Christian school Donda Academy.

Court documents allege that the children are only allowed to eat sushi, the school has no cleaning or medical services, and Kanye does not allow the teachers or students to wear any jewelry.

The teachers said the school did not meet Department of Education requirements or follow state regulations, and the case is still in court.

The stunning ocean front Malibu home has never been in CannesCredit: X17Online.com
The star is facing many charges while trying to get his life back on track.Credit: Getty
The entrepreneur is now focusing on Yeezy’s new office on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles.Credit: US Sun


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