KK Downing announced the first concert of the KK priest

Ex Priest of Judah Guitarist KK DowningA new band KK priest He will co-produce next year’s edition. Alcatraz An open-air hard rock and heavy metal festival, set to take place August 11-13, 2023 in Kortrijk, Belgium.

going down In a video message on social media this morning, he announced his team’s presence at the event. He also promises “many more gigs coming your way.”

going down joined in KK priest In the former Priest of Judah Singer Tim “Ripper” Owens (vocals), with guitarist AJ Mills (HOSTILE), bassist Tony Newton (VOODOO SIX) and a drummer Sean Elg (The dead, CAGE).

KK priestdebut album, “Sermons of the Sinner.”released in October 2021 Explorer1 music group/EX1 records.

going down They spent four months writing and recording “Sermons of the Sinner.” And, along with new ideas, he resurrected a few archived riffs from the 80s.

KK It was created KK priest later Priest of Judah He turned down his offer to join the group for their 50th anniversary tour. It was originally followed by two acclaimed stage appearances with exes. Manowar Guitarist Ross boss In the summer of 2019, with a one-time lineup that includes the former Megadeth bassist David Ellefson and ex Priest Drummer Les Binks After that year.

In a recent interview Ernest Skinner Border Town Rock Talk, Ounces He talked about the status of the sophomore album KK priest. He said: “I’ve got one more song, I think I’m going to finish. But they’re mixing it and working on it when I finish these songs. So it’s going to be very close. It goes together really well. And it’s great. I like it better.” [than the debut LP]. It’s a bit heavy, a bit on the vocal – and musically too, I think.

As for the new release date KK priest album, Ounces he said “[K.K.] He wants to take it out pretty soon. Because I know we want to do some touring. So I know he wants to get it out.

last month, going down They spoke Danny Stokes In Care Of KK priestUpcoming LP: “It’s definitely very close. Everything is glued together and glued together, and we’re going to put it out very soon. It’s great on the road, we’re in the process of mixing it.”

He continued: “It’s great, I can’t wait. It’s so frustrating. You want it out now. But it is. will do Happening so I’m looking forward to that.

going down Rejoined with Priest of Judah for performance by Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony on November 5 at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles.

Priest They were presented with a musical excellence award at the event Eminem, Dolly Parton, Duran Duran, Lionel Richie, Pat Benatar, Eurythmics And Carly Simon In the performance category.

going down left Priest In the year In 2011, amid band conflict, bad management and declining performance quality. He was replaced by Richie Faulknernearly three decades his junior.

In 2019, going down He said he had arrived. Priest of Judah About participating in the band’s 50th-anniversary tour, but their response was that they were not interested in including him in the celebration.

In 2018, going down He revealed that he sent two resignation letters to his teammates when he decided to leave. Priest of Judah. The first is described as “a beautiful exit note, signaling his retirement from music,” while the second is “angry, expressing all of his frustrations with certain parties.”

going down He later believed that the second letter was the “main reason” he was not invited to rejoin Priest later Glenn TiptonThe decision to leave the tour.

Ounces Joined. Priest in 1996 and recorded two studio albums with the band – 1997’s “Jugulator” and 2001 “demolition” – before Priest Reunited with Rob Halford In 2003

A little over a year ago, going down He said there was no problem with the fans making comparisons Priest And KK priest. “It’s great because it’s about who I am and what I am and what I do and how I do it,” he told Brazilian journalist Igor Miranda. “It’s too late to change. I can’t change. I can’t go out and buy different guitars and different amplifiers and write and think differently. I have to do things the way I want. And that’s what I did.” Priest of Judah For all those years I could. But now that I don’t need to consult with anyone, I actually feel more free to do so.

“I think I can do what I do now better than before, if that makes any sense,” he continued. Because I’m working and writing and putting things together – and of course, the rest of the members [KK’S PRIEST] as well as. But I was on my own, for the most part, in lockstep doing this. But there were so many things I wanted to say and get off my chest.

” of [KK’S PRIEST] An album full of emotions, feelings and messages and also full of happiness. It’s a lot of things all in one package. And it was very important for me to be able to express myself with this album.

“I know people will do Make comparisons, but that’s fine. Like everyone else, I either succeed or fail in life. But I am a fan of this wonderful style of music, and if I like it, I am We hope I’m sure the fans will love it too. And I hope they do. And I’m really looking forward to feedback from people all over the world.

“To the end for me Priest of Judah, it didn’t give as much power as in previous years, and I miss that. I remember when Rob [Halford, PRIEST singer] He would get off the stage and empty his boots, and water – sweat – would just pour out of the shoes. It was the same for all of us. It was like we ran a marathon or something. So we hope so. So I’m looking forward to doing that. I’ll definitely do my best, put it that way. “

In September 2021, Ounces They said there is no competition between them Priest of Judah And KK priest. “I don’t think we’ll see it.

He told Rock Experience With Mike Brunn in an interview. There is one Priest of Judah. They are. Priest of Judah. if so [K.K. and I] We wanted to take that angle, we call it [our new band] KK Judah priest. But I think the fans are happy because they know and have two things in the same vein. KK go back. I wasn’t going anywhere – I was putting out music like crazy – but they have. Ken And I came back together again. So there is no competition. I mean how awesome would it be if we could do shows with them? i don’t care. I certainly haven’t. I love the people inside Priest. RobS [Halford, PRIEST singer] My idol. And Richie [Faulkner, PRIEST guitarist] And I am friends. But this is not a competition. We’re not trying to make it a competition or anything. Priest of Judah. That’s why we released the album in the first place; That was the difference. If we try to do this, we will immediately start browsing through the back catalog.

He asked KK priest It’s really open to visit with. Priest of Judah, Tim “I’m open to anything. I’ve never burned bridges. From the sounds of it, that’s never going to happen” because it’s never happened to me. I tried to find it. More than fear to help Priest of Judah On a visit. Wendy Dio It was my manager, and they were like, ‘No way. You don’t support us’ but we are all friends. I’m talking about me – I’m not talking. Ken. But, yeah, listen, I always look at how many fans like things. How nice would it be if that happened?”

Photo by George Chin

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Judas Priest founding member, singer and guitarist KK Downing…

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