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  • Mariah Carey surprised a fan who secured front row tickets to her concert Tuesday night.
  • A fan tweeted that she was flying more than 10 hours to see the show and had been saving up for five years.
  • “Mimi, thank you for giving me the most amazing experience of my life,” the fan later said.

Mariah Carey gave one of her fans the best Christmas gift of all – free front row tickets to her Madison Square Garden concert “Merry Christmas everyone!” Tuesday night show.

Twitter user @uruguayanlambHer screen name is Mai. Posted on Twitter on Monday That she was flying over 10 hours from her country to see her favorite artist live in concert in New York City.

“When I started saving for this day 5 years ago, I remember wishing and hoping for this day. Words can’t describe my joy, rn, love u forever Mimi!” Mai wrote on Twitter.

Then, the unthinkable happened: Carey herself retweeted Mai’s post and gave her advance tickets to Tuesday night’s show.

“I’m so glad you’re here!!! How would you like to sit in the front row for tonight’s concert?? Xoxo M.” Kerry wrote on Twitter.

Mai replied nervously, “So happy Arn.”

“Mimi made my wish come true and not only acknowledged my existence but invited me to her event??? I was serious when I told you over and over that she is an artist who is very devoted to her fans!!!” Mai said.

Just before Tuesday’s show, Mai posted a picture of herself sitting in the front row at MSG, ready to have “the time of my life for Mariah Carey.”

Mai posted some Videos The star of the Christmas caroler, who made it clear on the concert’s Twitter account, followed suit with a front-row seat.

During the show, Carey added, “He gave me a song,” but she didn’t say which song.

“How am I dreaming? I was in the front row to her right when I told you Flynn sang like a bird. The ground shook. Lord only knows!” Mai tweetedsome photos and two video clips of Carey on stage in a red dress performing “All I Want for Christmas is You.”

“Her power!!!” Mai gushed on Twitter after the show. “Mimi, thank you for giving me the most amazing experience of my life.”



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