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Metallica may be the biggest band in heavy music, but they have peers to look up to. During an appearance on Bill Maher Club random podcast (seen and heard below), drummer Lars Ulrich pays tribute to U2.

The credit comes as Ulrich and Maher discuss the volatile relationship in most acts, with Maher saying that at any given moment most are on the verge of breaking up. It was then that Ulrich described U2 as one of the most well-rounded bands with a dynamic that they, and most bands, hope to strive for.

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“U2, I think if we were sitting here with two guys from Chili Peppers and two guys from Muse and other bands still playing, we’d all agree on one thing, that U2 is the band we all expect to be in because of the way they work, but they’re all more or less the same way.” They grew up and went to the same school. And they all know each other. And they have the same DNA in their bodies.”

Pointing to his own band, Ulrich says how rare that dynamic is. “It’s also not true of a lot of bands, including the one where you’re sitting here talking to a member. I grew up in very liberal RTS Copenhagen, Denmark. James Hetfield grew up in the opposite of all that. Words in Southern California in Fullerton. You know what I mean? Kirk Hammett grew up in the Mission District. , also in a very liberal hippie upbringing.

The band worked through the dynamic of some of their relationships in Fame Some kind of monster documentary, and have enjoyed much better dynamics in the years since.

“So what I’m saying is that U2 is the pinnacle of what we all aspire to be because they can still perform the way they do,” the drummer added. But you brought up the Eagles, I mean so many versions of the Eagles and everybody, Crosby Stills Nash and the youth of the world, who can’t do it and it’s easy for everybody to go and do it. Solo artist stuff.”

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Digging deep into the “why” of it all, Ulrich offered, “Who are the lead guys? And if you can get past the point where you’re taking turns leading and you don’t want to lead. Take a back seat and have enough faith and enough respect for your partner to know, if you lead on this song, on this record.” If you lead on, or lead with this rhyme, or whatever, I’ll hover back and then we’ll take turns. You can balance it. The chances of getting through it are much higher.

It really is an ego. I mean, all the great rock and roll bands fronted people with big egos, or they wouldn’t be able to do it. So that’s the strength, what makes it a global phenomenon and what are the nine? It makes him stumble ten times over, those egos clash.

These days Metallica are in a good place as a band, with 72 seasons Featuring more songwriting contributions from Kirk Hammett and Robert Trujillo than previous records. You can catch the band supporting the album in 2024. Get your tickets here.

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