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Some of Lona’s fans decided to stop the group’s new release BlackBerry innovation After confirming that on November 25, Chuu was not a member of the girl group and accused her of abusing her authority and language against the staff.

Since 2016, the company has not paid salaries to the artists and overworked them until they fell on stage, and the concerns were raised as the time was exhausting.2022 LONA 1st World TourThis led to two members taking time off, others leaving the stage in tears and even working to the point of injuring their shoulders. Rumor has it that 9 of the remaining 11 members of the group have applied to the agency for a temporary suspension.

The purpose of a boycott is to protest. BlackBerry innovationMisdemeanor Lona, show solidarity with members and warn the company’s potential business partners of the risks they may face in working with them. Fans will continue to boycott until the charges against Chou are withdrawn, until he apologizes for his past wrongdoings, and Lona Members are given the option to terminate the contract.

The goals of the boycott include: It does not buy any products. BlackBerry innovation (Merchandise, albums, ticketing events, such as apps FAB Or Superstar Lona, (including ads and paywall features), no streaming content published by the company (music videos and songs) and no following on any social media.

The boycott does not include following, though. LonaOfficial account, the group is losing more followers with every post the company makes about its comeback.

As of December 14th, album pre-orders have just arrived 93 In the first 20 hoursKtown4u‘, compared 5,098 From their latest album “Flip This!” That’s over 98% off in-store alone.

Meanwhile, other K-pop stores have been supportive. LonaThey have decided not to present the new album

Fans also commented:The track list looks like the songs are left over from previous albums“,” “This return seems to be in a hurry to extract the last penny from the girls“,” “They didn’t even speak. Chori She was back after a long absence.”If you have doubts about boycotting, remember HaSeul He also stated that no payment has been made.” and “The girls were silent. FAB Since the rumor of the order, that says a lot.”

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