Scar Lips Claps Back On ‘Little D-K’ When Asked About Her Lips

A scarred lip isn’t for beating up online trolls, and she’s been applauding “small dick” fans who have trouble with her signature scar on her lip.

as captured Neighbor talk, The Screaming Bronx rapper took to Instagram Live to push back at haters who always ask about her lip scar, saying the questions mostly come from guys with “little wee-wee.”

“Really, what happened to your lips?” Scar sits in her car. “What happened to that little one of yours? That’s nothing but your little wee-wee. You love ’em like n-ggas with little wee-wees, don’t you? Or nah, no.

Check out Scar Lip’s video address below:

The “This Is New York” rapper previously announced XXL The scar on her lip was caused by her brother assaulting her and saying that the attack was so bad that she opened her lip and left a permanent scar.

“It was like I was going to a football game and my aunt said you have to be back at a certain time and I was like, ‘Okay, whatever…’ I came back before I was supposed to be home. My family is acting like they’re not home.

“They cut all the lights to make it look like they’re not home. So I’m knocking on their door because mind you I’m 16 years old and I live with them and I have no other place to stay. So I’m knocking on the door, waiting for them to open the door, and then my little sister comes down and says, ‘Oh, you can’t come in.’

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She continued, “So I started to leave and my brother came outside and started asking me for money. I’m like, ‘Brother, I don’t have any money, obviously I don’t have any money.’ You see the state I’m in. I can’t even get in the bed, then he starts going crazy or something, and then he punches me. I woke up and there was blood coming out of my mouth and everything and I was like, ‘Can somebody help me?’ I am shouting.

Scar Lips’ star is on the rise right now, and earlier this month she received a major co-sign when Snoop Dogg replaced her variety show “This Is New York” with “This Is Cali.”

The collaboration comes after Scar Lip received praise from fellow Bronx native Cardi B – which left the rising star emotional.


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