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SM Entertainment has released an official statement regarding recent death threats made against aespa’s Winter.

On August 7, an anonymous death threat against Winter was posted on an online community. Although the post was later deleted, it was reported to the police by people concerned for Winter’s safety.

The following day, SM Entertainment announced that it had filed charges against the writer of the post threatening Winter. The agency also confirmed that the police had visited the SM Entertainment building both that day and the day prior to check on the security situation because they had recently received reports of multiple threats.

SM Entertainment’s full statement is as follows:

Yesterday, a post threatening Winter’s safety was made on an online community.

As soon as we confirmed this, we filed a criminal complaint with the police against the writer of the post in question, and we requested a speedy investigation and cooperation.

Additionally, we strengthened our security manpower, and aespa safely departed the country today through the cooperation of bodyguards and the airport police.

The police also recently received reports about multiple incidents, so yesterday and today, they came to our company building to check on the security situation and [Winter’s] safety.

We will continue to do our utmost to protect the safety of our company’s artists in the future as well.

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