Taylor Swift’s new song was a CD exclusive – it didn’t last long.

No one is more up-to-date with news and updates — or ready for something to happen — than fans of pop artists. But Taylor Swift fans are on another level.

Swift earlier this week announced That deluxe edition of her latest album, midnight, Friday will come. The deluxe edition includes more songs from new popular artists and new tracks – and in another surprise, fans heading to East Rutherford, New Jersey this weekend will get a chance to hear a special track. The song “Losing Me” will only appear on physical copies of the album, which will be sold at the MetLife Stadium concerts.

It’s fairly standard to have solo songs on certain releases. But the title alone caused quite a stir in fan circles — Swift reportedly split from longtime boyfriend Joe Alwyn in April. When the media started reporting the news, many Swifties refused to believe the news, calling the media “propaganda” and saying the media was lying about it … to ruin the relationship? Make fans feel bad? It’s a bit vague. But in its title alone, “You’re Losing Me” sounds like a lyrical confirmation that the relationship is over, straight from Swift herself. Some fans started Asking chatbots To predict the lyrics of the song.

The CD with the track was launched today at 12:30 PM, and an hour later, the song’s upload is doing the rounds on Twitter. Fans clamored to download the track to a random Google Drive folder. Poems are copied, shared and analyzed. Like “LinesAnd she didn’t marry me / Pathological people pleaser / She just wanted to see you I think it’s safe to say the Swift-Alwyn courtship is over. And the fans, as ever, are the front row for everything to come.


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