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Hamilton Lighthauser is planning an extensive line-up of Walkman reunion shows this year, which likely won’t include rehearsals. But first, he must know what to do with the human remains found in the house.

Leithauser tweeted Tuesday that he had received a package addressed to a “current resident” containing the ashes of a man who was cremated in October 2017. He then recounts his attempts to locate the burial site that mailed the remains. On the way, an “ASSH#LE” business owner hangs up and compares the situation to Lettauzer. Curb your enthusiasm.

The saga caught the attention of local ABC affiliate ABC7, which ran a report on Leithuser’s ordeal without mentioning the famous singer-songwriter or his Walkman membership. Instead, Chiron, under Leithauser’s name in the photo, simply described him as a “Brooklyn resident.” Accurate, but incomplete, ACB7!

Find ABC7’s report and Leithhauser’s tweets below. And if you know who Ash is, hit up Twitter to connect with the leader Walkman himself.



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