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Would you try to change your own wedding date if your favorite band was going to be playing in your area that day? Apparently a Tool fan attempted to do so, and now their fiancé moved back in with her parents… so they may have ruined their own wedding day.

The individual wrote about their predicament on Tool’s Reddit page under the title “Dear Reddit I am in a dilemma.”

“So me and my wife are getting married (unfortunately) on the third of October which is the day Tool will be in our town of Loveland, CO. So I told my wife I don’t want to be married on the third because Tool was in town. That lead to the worst fight of our lives and she went to go live with her parents and it seems that all her relatives are on her side what should I do,” they wrote.

Now, we need to point out that because this was posted on Reddit, it could absolutely have been made up by the user who wrote it. But, regardless of its authenticity, it generated a lot of discussion in the comments section, with some thinking the fiancé should be more understanding of their Tool fandom, and others thinking they’re ridiculous for considering changing their wedding date.

“Congratulations, this is the most Tool fan post I’ve ever seen,” the top comment reads.

“Dude — as someone who was married and divorced – my wedding day was one of the best days of my life. The fact that you’re upset that you’re going to miss a concert because of your wedding is mind blowing to me and your soon to be (hopefully) wife is right to be upset. Tool will play again. You hopefully only get married once. I mean this in the most loving way possible — stop being selfish and understand that you are marrying your best friend which I would take any day over seeing a band. Sheesh,” a more serious spectator wrote.

“Thing is, he’s not thinking of calling it off for the concert, he’s thinking of moving the date. I think it’s a reasonable thing, and that his fiance should be more understanding and willing to move the wedding a day. This may very well be OP’s last or only chance to ever see Tool, they aren’t 30yo anymore. I think thats worth postponing a wedding for. OP’s wife (if she is real) is the one being selfish. You can change the date of a wedding, but not a concert,” someone responded to the aforementioned comment.

“Maynard told us about fans like you,” another person replied to the original post.

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Some suggested the original poster see the band in a different city and that they should reconsider the marriage if they’re debating attending a concert over their own wedding. Others insisted the person just go to the concert since they’ve apparently already ruined their would-be marriage.

What would you do? See the full post and the rest of the comments here. Tool’s upcoming tour kicks off in late September with a performance at the Louder Than Life festival. Check out the rest of the dates at this location.

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