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Seventeen’s S.Coups celebrated his birthday amidst the dating rumors surrounding Joshua that stirred up the K-pop industry for the past two days.

On August 8, S.Coups took to Weverse to thank his fans for all the birthday wishes.

But before address to his fans, he wrote a message to the members saying, “Send through Kakaotalk….guys.”

One fan took to a popular online community to explain the situation to Korean netizens and other fans. 

The fan who created the post explained, “Surprising, the day Carats flipped out about Joshua’s Lovestagram = Seventeen’s Leader S.Coup’s birthday.” The poster continued, “Coups is like the youngest daughter of a family. He gets pouty when you don’t remember his birthday or when you include his last name in his name saying that seems too cold.”

The writer added, “So he gave Joshua a reason not to come on Weverse that day, amidst the chaos. He never said anything like that on his birthday but when the members see his message, they will just send him a Kakao message. You might think he’s just upset his members didn’t come on Weverse. But if he says that, the members would congratulate him on Weverse. Also, if Joshua is the only one not on Weverse, it’s awkward, so he made it so that all the members don’t need to post on Weverse.”

The poster continued, “His original personality is very like the youngest daughter but then it seems he has a completely different persona that’s strong when he has to fulfill his role as a leader.”

Lastly, the fan resented Joshua for ruining S.Coups’ birthday and wrote, “Shua, do you have to do this on Coups’ birthday? Shua, you who chose love over friendship, when all the 12 members chose friendship. Shua, you didn’t even do one live streaming this year. But still, at the concert, you said you wanted to go higher and said ‘Help us Carats.’

Other fans joined the online community to also speak their minds. They commented, “You know what makes me more mad? S.Coups searches the web the most and he also watches over the fandom’s mood. He’s always the one to take the bullet and inquire with the agency. But today was his birthday. He 100% came to Weverse after seeing the real-time trending and saw ‘Joshua’s Girlfriend’. Imagine what he felt,” “Wow, he’s so wise telling them to send him Kakaotalk,” “What is going on, on this day that’s supposed to be festive?” “I know S.Coups’ personality so it makes me feel like crying,” He’s never been on live streaming? it’s already August,” and “When I was watching the live streaming and the mood was weird. It seems like Joshua’s name is like Voldemort’s name. It’s like they can’t even say their member’s name.”



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