Netflix’s ‘FUBAR’: What Does FUBAR Mean?

After decades of dominating action cinema in movies like this Conan the savage, the terminator And hunter, Arnold Schwarzenegger made his scripted TV debut this week on a Netflix original series. FUBAR.

Eight drama series from The Sopranos, Law and Order And Escape from prison Author Nick Santora, FUBAR A similarly high-octane high-concept follow-up to one of Schwarzenegger’s most famous films. True lies. In that film, Schwarzenegger played a spy who keeps his job a secret from his wife and son until they get dangerously caught up in his latest mission.

in Fubar, Schwarzenegger plays a spy again, only this time he’s on the brink of retirement—until he finds out his beloved daughter is playing a prank. Top Gun: MaverickS Monica Barbaro, Nat as well A secret agent who is hiding the danger Double life from him. Father and daughter are forced to work together to thwart an enemy plot while dealing with their family issues, and along the way things almost go awry… or rather, FUBAR.


What does FUBAR mean?

Fubar is a military acronym that refers to a severely damaged or unmanageable condition, which is “broken beyond all recognition” or alternatively “crazed beyond repair”.

according to Techopedia, FUBAR was popular with American soldiers during World War II. But in those days, “broken beyond repair” had a slightly more safe-for-work meaning. The increasing use of FUBAR may have been influenced by the German word “furchtbar” at the time, which translates to “horror” and is used to describe a general feeling of hopelessness or helplessness.

In Netflix Fubar, The word is spoken only once—at the end of chapter 1, when [Spoiler!] All the spies have their secret identities compromised, and must flee. Luke, then, declares the whole situation FUBAR.

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