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Roger Waters

Roger Waters
Photo: Roberto Serra – Iguana Press (Getty Images)

The musician is Roger Waters. At the end of this week in BerlinThe German government has raised doubts about the stimulus checks on images and clothing after his recent concerts, and in particular clothing and images reminiscent of the Fascist and Nazi regimes.

Nazi (or at least Nazi-esque) imagery has been associated with waterworks since the Pink Floyd era. The band’s best-selling rock opera The wall– and especially him 1982 film adaptation– Traffic in the form of black leather and armbands is a way to show the main character’s descent into musical megalomania. High water success The wall is straight In the year The tour, which began in 2010, incorporated many of these elements, including the band wearing black fascist uniforms and a swastika-like “marching hammer” logo.

Waters argues that he is using this image for satirical or dramatic purposes, and has stated on several occasions that he is not anti-Semitic. (His latest German shows so far, viz It had already been canceled by the lawsuit in Frankfurt.“I consistently condemn anti-Semitism. Or his infamous flying pig balloon with a Star of David (alongside other corporate and religious icons). Published in concerts. (A similar pig-based controversy erupted in 2013.) Or the few scenes in which Rogers chooses to portray various activists and celebrities on screen, including Shirin Abu and Anne Frank, who were killed by totalitarian regimes. Aklih, a Palestinian-American journalist accused of being killed by Israeli forces. (Waters has been boldly and unapologetically anti-Israel for years and is a member of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement that seeks to exert economic pressure on the country. Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs Recently, he issued a statement condemning water on social media..)

Per The guardA Berlin police spokesman said: “An investigation has been opened into the costumes displayed at the concerts on May 17 and 18… The context of the costumes is considered to justify, glorify or condone Nazi violence and arbitrary rule.” The regime violates the dignity of the victims and disturbs public peace.