‘The Mighty Ducks’ star Shawn Weiss on stand-up act’s famous mug shot jokes


‘The Mighty Duck’ Shaun Weiss

Addiction, Prison Jokes Seriously

…and lots of people love it!!!

“The Mighty Ducks” star Shawn Weiss He’s taking his past addiction problems and incarcerations and turning it all into comedy gold — using it as new material for his stand-up act … and it’s shocking.

Shawn got candid about his addiction this month at Mike’s Drop Comedy Club in San Diego, where he took some incredibly heavy source material and turned it into stand-up comedy.

He made the crowd laugh out loud by making fun of his own mugshot Held in 2020. He delves into his struggle with drug addiction — witty, of course — and gets a round of applause when he reveals that he’s now 3 years sober.

Check out the last bit of what his “triggers” were for wanting to use drugs. Then again, maybe he wasn’t kidding…he still found a way to oppress the crowd.

Shawn, who played Goldberg in ‘Duck’, has been doing the stand-up act for over a year. He is currently. on the road And it says, “100% of the proceeds go to help a child actor stay off drugs.”

As reported, the former child star Opened. For a fellow comedian Russell Peters On a show last year…following his time Living on the streets And having a lot of run-ins with the law.

BTW, Shaun tells us that he was recently hired at a treatment center where he used to be a patient to become a sobriety coach and interventionist.

He’s looking to jump on a program that helps people turn their personal trauma into comedy material, as he does.

Way to go Goldberg!!!


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