‘The Voice’ Season 22 Finale Recap: Who Won?

The top five contestants sang their hearts out for America’s Final Vote on Monday’s episode of “The Voice,” Episode 1 of “Live Recap.” Tonight, host Carson Daly It will reveal who is chosen as the winner. The star-studded finale will feature special performances by chart-topping artists Ken Brown, Kelly Clarkson, Maluma, A republic, Adam Lambert., Breland And last season’s champions Her name is Tom..

Coach Blake Shelton He hopes Body, Brayden Lappe Or Brice Leatherwood It brings a record-extending ninth championship. Beginner trainer Camila Cabello She hopes to win her first attempt. Morgan Mileswhile John Legend He has a shot at a second victory Omar Jose Cardona. Gwen Stefani He failed to coach any artist to the finals this season.

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Read our minute-by-minute recap of “The Voice” Season 22, Episode 25 below to find out what happened on Tuesday, December 13 at 9:00 PM ET/PT. Then be sure to comment on NBC’s long-running reality television show about your favorite artists, which coach you’re rooting for and who you think will eventually join the list of “The Voice” winners for its 22nd season. Here are the current team breakdowns:

Team History: Omar Jose Cardona

Team GWEN: 😩

Team Camilla: Morgan Miles

Team Blake: Body, Brice Leatherwood, Brayden Lappe

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9:00 p.m – “Before on ‘The Voice’!” The top five artists performed ballads and uptempo songs for The Voice of America. Tonight, the “Voice” trophy and $100,000 prize will be awarded. let go!

9:04 p.m – The performance night before the results announcement began with Blake and Bryce singing Blake’s “Hillbilly Bone”. They set the stage with camping chairs and dancers holding red Solo cups in their hands to accentuate the fun vibe of the song.

9:12 p.m – Next was a public performance of “I Don’t Worry”. A republic.

9:19 p.m – John calls it “a case” when he finds out he will be singing with “Signed, Sealed, Delivered” artist Omar. of The sound of all seasons. Shining on stage in their costumes, John and Omar had great energy together and you could see how much John respects his performance.

9:28 p.m – In honor of last week’s mass shooting in Colorado Springs and in support of the LGBTQ community; Adam Lambert. He sang a hauntingly beautiful rendition of “Ordinary World.”

9:33 p.m – Enjoying the worst joke of the season, Howie Mandel She appeared in an episode with Camilla to teach her how to be funny on television. We’ll see you next month when “America’s Got Talent: Stars” premieres on January 2nd!

9:35 p.m – Once the stage is set again with the lights shining in his native Colombia, Maluma He performed his hits “Junio” and “Tukoh Taka”, the fan anthem for the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

9:45 p.m – Returning to the stage after winning last year’s trophy, Her name is Tom. They performed a peaceful version of their new holiday song, “One More Christmas,” written as a dedication to their father.

9:54 p.m – The next Coach-artist duo was between Brayden and Blake on the honoki-tonk jam “Chasin’ That Neon Rainbow.” Brayden announced on the package that Blake treats him like a little brother, including teasing about “heartache.”

10:03 p.m – Morgan and Camila build a sisterhood this season, with Camila bonding over her own experience on a singing competition show. Because of this, Camilla invited Morgan to sing her hit song “Don’t Be the Same”.

10:14 p.m – Singer-songwriter is an up and coming country artist Breland He joined the celebration with his song “For What Happened” from his debut album.

10:17 p.m – Following a wild remark from Carson, “They’re best friends for life,” John and Blake appear in a sketch called “The Weirdest Couple,” a holiday christening.

10:21 p.m – Blake returned to the stage for the third time of the night to perform the electric song “Different Man” with the country star Ken Brown.

10:30 p.m – In order to appear cool in admitting he joined the group, Blake clearly has a high regard for the human body. Blake was then surprised when Bodie asked them to play the song “God’s Country” for their concert.

10:40 p.m – Everyone’s favorite coach (which is to return to the bench next season) Kelly Clarkson She closed out the star-studded performances with a fantastic version of her holiday track, “Santa, You Can’t Hear Me.” And following Kelly’s song, we see the conclusion of “The Oddest Couple.”

10:48 p.m – When he got to business, Carson brought the finalists to the stage to announce that he was the 5th artist Brayden Lappe.

10:51 p.m – The artist placed 4th place Omar Jose Cardona.

10:57 p.m – For the final announcement, Carson announced the winner of “The Voice.” Brice Leatherwood! Nothing has been announced. Morgan Miles Or Body He is placed in 2nd place, so both of them will get the second place.



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