Ever since Transformers The franchise first started in 2007, it was practically impossible to distinguish from the director. Michael Bay. After having five episodes in the film series, he worked as a producer. Bumblebee And now he repeats the role Transformers: Rise of the Beast. But we can’t help but wonder: Once he takes over the franchise, how much will he be involved in production – especially when it comes to tips?

In an interview with Collider, Transformers Manufacturer Lorenzo di Bonaventura Talked to Steve Weintraub The participation of the former director in the new department, and it is very important. Di Bonaventura said Bey clearly “cares deeply about him and is invested in our success” and acknowledged that you can’t ignore that Bey’s DNA is in the franchise. But this is not necessarily a bad thing:

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“The interesting thing is that this is now DNA cross-pollination, isn’t it? with [new director Steven Caple Jr.’s] DNA and Michael, right? So the scene that Bay brought to this is what we’re carrying, so in some ways it’s there. […] So Bay is very helpful in saying to Steven, ‘Look, this is my experience, here’s what’s wrong, here’s what’s right. This is how you feel, and this is how I think.’ Steven then takes it and makes his own version.

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In an interview with Collider at the premiere of the film, Bay talked about how he helped out as a producer on the film:

“I talked to different teams, different effects teams and chief animators and lighters and what not, and I gave them advice and they asked a lot of questions and I had different meetings along the way. So it’s a machine. It’s a lot of people, you know, and it’s a calculating machine. You have to make the machine move. , do you know?”

Reviving bots and humans Transformers It’s a good thing.

The mega-producer also added that Bay has “watched bits and pieces of the film and given good notes,” suggesting that the former director is “really a part of it all.” A change of directors is good for any long franchise, as new blood can bring a lot to the table and subvert what has already been established by the filmmakers. Travis Knight He was able to do it. Bumblebee One of the highest-rated Transformers Universe, and newcomer Steven Caple Jr. can certainly bring a lot to the film in terms of fistfights. Creed II) and comedy time (he episodes of Grown-ish).

Actors of Transformers It has also been improved. The rise of beasts. Human characters now lead Anthony Ramos And Dominic FishbackTransformers themselves receive the Maximals – robots that look more like animals than cars. It includes the voice provided to these beasts Michelle Yew And Ron Perlman.And they are joined by voice actors Pete Davidson, Cristo Fernandez, Peter Dinklage, John DiMaggio And Peter Cullen.

Transformers: Rise of the Beast It opens in theaters next Friday, June 9. You can watch our interview with him below.



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