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Do you see it? Right there on the wall? It’s the writing for a certain Bold & Beautiful character, and it states very clearly, “Aw, man, you’re toast.” How can we be so sure? Read on…

Taking Sides

Inevitably, when a love triangle forms, so do teams. One roots for one pairing, the other for… well, the other. But now that the soap has set in motion a Finn/Liam tug-of-war over Steffy, the lineups are looking a bit, shall we say, lopsided.

Cheering on Finn to save his marriage will obviously be Thomas, who only after giving up his obsession with Liam’s wife got her into bed. No one would be happier than Thomas to remove from family gatherings his biggest detractor.

Wherever Taylor is — and we’re counting down to a momentous comeback — she’s surely Team Finn as well. She’s seen how happy he makes Steffy and how lovely a life they could have if it just wasn’t for his momster, Sheila — and now Liam.

But here’s the thing. Thomas and Taylor are like the show’s Bad News Bears. They are almost incapable of winning a fight. (See also: Taylor/Ridge/Brooke.) Which means that Finn has in his corner two characters who are a surer sign that his marriage is doomed than a good omen. It gets worse!

Jack, Finn visit B&B

Who Ya Gonna Call?

Finn’s adoptive mother, Li, has put him on blast for stupidly hugging it out with the woman who tried to murder his wife and mother-in-law. But rather than have him reach out to dad Jack, who understands the strange hold that Sheila can have over people, the show has added to the canvas R.J. Wha?

A fan named Reesi on Twitter summed up the state of affairs more amusingly than we ever could. “So instead of bringing in Jack for Finn to turn to — you know, his father and the one who can also relate to the Sheila trouble — you bring on [checks notes] RJ? Who is [double-checks notes] a Liam cheerleader and makes TikTok dances?”

Yep, it does not look good for Finn and Steffy’s marriage. Before the final nail is driven into its coffin, review the whole “Sinn” love story in the photo gallery below.