Bold & Beautiful Recap: Liam Tells Hope He Still Loves Her

Beth’s party continues at the Forrester mansion. Hope announces it’s time for presents, and Brooke, seeing that Hope seems to be uneasy, whispers to her, “This is your life, this is your family.” Hope sits down with Beth and Liam, and Beth thanks everyone for her presents and for the best birthday ever. They all talk about their favorite part of the party, and Beth says hers was just being with her mommy and daddy.

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BEth's favorite party BB

As the party begins to wrap up and the adults clean, Hope thanks Donna for hosting. Donna says she and Beth are welcome here anytime. Liam says he’s going to take the presents down to the cabin, but Donna suggests Beth stay here so she can keep swimming with Kelly. Brooke says she’ll bring her back later. Liam hugs Beth and says they’ll see her soon.

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Hope thanks Donna BB

Liam and Hope take the gifts back to the cabin and make small talk about how fast Beth is growing up. Liam asks if they’ve done right by Beth, and that she’s happy, right? Hope says for now, and they still haven’t told her their news. Liam says it was a good day today, and they got lucky. He apologizes for bringing this up today of all days, but they should probably talk about the divorce papers. He has the papers in his car, and he hasn’t filed them yet knowing he’d see her today. She asks if there was something he needed to discuss. He says with her becoming more and more famous, the press is going to pounce on this news, and soon they’ll have to have the talk with Beth.

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Liam Hope talk divorce BB

Hope cries that she didn’t want this for Beth, and Liam didn’t either. Liam brings up Hope’s betrayal, which he still can’t fathom given everything Thomas did to them. She says she remembers it, she lived it, which is why she’s so grateful to have Beth. Liam doesn’t understand how she could turn to the man that tried to keep Beth from them. The two of them take a trip down memory lane through flashbacks, of Beth’s birth, of believing she had died, and Steffy adopting her all the while Thomas knew the truth. Liam thanks God that little Douglas learned the truth and came forward. He reminds Hope that Thomas wanted their connection severed, and he was willing to let her grieve their daughter forever. Liam warns Hope that Thomas is a dangerous person, and while he still doesn’t understand her choices, he still loves her and still cares about her. He needs her to know whatever happens, she is better than Thomas.

Liam still loves Hope BB

Back at the mansion, Deacon thanks Brooke for including him today. She says he’s part of the family. Katie thinks Beth had a wonderful time, and Deacon hopes she’s not devastated when she learns her parents are getting divorced. Brooke is hopeful the divorce won’t happen, and Hope and Liam will come to their senses. R.J. believes Hope loves Liam and he is the one true love of her life. Brooke agrees and they need to remember that.

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Adults chat BB

At Forrester Creations, Ridge asks Steffy if she’s hiding from the birthday party. She states she doesn’t hide but doesn’t want to make it weird. She says Kelly is there, and Mom has Hayes. Ridge asks his daughter to talk to him, to tell him how she is. She’s not sure how to answer that question. Ridge knows this is a tough time with Sheila walking around, and her moving out was the right move. She thanks him for his support, but it kills her to be away from her home and Finn.

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Ridge and Steffy office BB

Steffy just wants Sheila to stay away from her family, h86 she seems to have some twisted fascination with Finn. Steffy is further concerned about what Sheila will do to get to Hayes, her grandson. Ridge promises to protect her and the kids, and she jokes that he sounds like Liam. Ridge says since she brought it up, what’s going on between them? He says they had a chat and Liam told him of his feelings for her. He asks if old feelings have resurfaced. She assures him she’s not thinking about Liam, she’s thinking about Finn and her family. Ridge just wants her to be happy. Steffy flashes to kissing Liam in Rome.

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ICYMI! Mer-mazing photos from Hope and Liam’s party for Beth in the gallery below.

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