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Woman shocked by the amount of the invoice

DENVER (KDVR) — It’s become more expensive to dine out around the country, overall, but Colorado has increased more than any other state, according to Blueprint via USA Today.

Blueprint used data from the U.S. Census Bureau to determine that spending on restaurant food has increased nationwide by 10% in the last six months. That equates to an average of $222 that people are spending on dining out, take out or delivery every month.

While fewer people have been dining out in the last six months, the cost of restaurant food has shot up 6% since the beginning of the year, the Blueprint study said. That is why spending on food prepared by others has increased.

But in the Centennial State, it has gone up the most at 24% from $91.45 in November 2022 to $112.95 in June 2023. Arizona was just a percentage point behind.

While Coloradans and visitors to the state are spending an average of $21.50 more per person indulging in culinary creations, diners in the Grand Canyon State are spending $21.86 more from the increase.

Colorado’s increase from inflation may have topped the list, but the actual cost to dine out is not the most expensive in the country. You’d have to hop over to the islands to spend nearly $150 per person in Hawaii’s culinary scene. And the Aloha State actually decreased by 3% in restaurant inflation. Alaska, Tennessee and Florida were the only other states that saw decreases, according to Blueprint.



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