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ST. LOUIS — Dan Gray’s journalism career spanned over a half-century before he retired in 2022. Many people in St. Louis will recall seeing him on newscasts for several decades. Now, Dan is sharing some news on social media that is going viral. He rang the bell at Mercy to indicate that his radiation or chemotherapy treatments are complete.

Dan Gray at Mercy Hospital

“My husband Dan Gray was diagnosed a year ago with high-risk prostate cancer. It’s been such a strange year of ups and downs: many procedures, surgeries, treatments, doctor visits, and some really bad days. Through it all, Dan kept a positive attitude,” writes his wife Michelle on Facebook. “Today was Dan’s last radiation treatment, a significant moment that we’re praying is the last of it all. Dan has had a bad week, not feeling well at all, but today he joyously rang the bell at Mercy, a meaningful action patients do when radiation or chemotherapy treatments are finished. We covet your prayers.”

Gray asked that 1960s music be played during his 28 radiation treatments. During the last treatment, the song “Turn, Turn, Turn” by The Byrds came up. The lyrics are from the first eight verses of the third chapter of the biblical Book of Ecclesiastes.

“A time to heal, a time to every purpose under Heaven,” Gray posted to Facebook.

We asked Dan if he would mind sharing the news with FOX 2 and KPLR 11 viewers. This is what he said.

“I’d like the radiation therapists and Radiation Oncologist Dr. Kathy Baglan, Medical Oncologist Dr. John Finnie and Urologist Dr. Gregory McClennan at the Pratt Cancer Center at Mercy St. Louis Hospital to get credit for their brilliant medical expertise and compassionate care. They are truly angels on earth,” said Gray. “The journey isn’t over but today was a milestone. Now months of testing begins to determine if the cancer is cured. My deepest heartfelt thanks and love go out to viewers who said they are praying for me.”

Best of luck to you, Dan. Enjoy your retirement.

Note: The video included in this story is from when Dan retired in 2022.