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Ever heard of a little show called The X-Files? David Duchovny thinks you haven’t. Lev Gorn, who plays Grigory Kuznetsov on Apple TV’s For All Mankind, told a story at Vulture Fest this weekend about what happens when you hang out with David Duchovny because he goes to your gym. “I started chatting with him in the locker room,” Gorn told Vulture’s Roxana Hadadi. The two realized they were both going downtown, but when Gorn suggested they take a taxi together, Duchovny demurred. “He’s like, ‘No let’s take the train.’” An ecofriendly star! Take that, Taylor Swift! “So we get on, and I was looking in my periphery and everybody’s eyes are popping out, like, It’s David Duchovny,” which, to be fair, would also be our response. Duchovny, however, apparently didn’t see it that way. “‘You see,’ he says. ‘This is totally normal, nobody cares.’” A humble king! Perhaps not a king that is realistic and/or aware of his own popularity, but a king nonetheless.