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At the station, Belle tearfully tells Shawn that Victor’s remains have been recovered. Shawn reels and then grows angry. He declares he was never close with Victor because he was named after the grandfather who raised Bo. He flashes to lashing out at Victor for covering up Claire’s true paternity in favor of Philip. Belle points out they moved past that and had a good relationship in the end.

A distraught Belle holds her phone to her ear. Shawn furrows his brow behind her.

While Shawn may have forgiven Victor, he’s not sure Victor would ever have forgiven him for shooting Bo. Belle is confident Victor knew that was a terrible accident. Shawn is convinced Victor hated him, but the worst part is that Victor never would have been on that plane if it weren’t for him. Belle knows this is just his grief talking, but Shawn declares everyone else is blaming him too. As proof, he points to finding out about Victor from Belle’s father instead of a family member. With his anger rising, Shawn storms out to be alone.

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Holding her phone, Kate leans her back against the bar. She stares straight faced at Chloe.

As Kate starts to call Philip from the Pub, Chloe enters, offering her condolences for Victor. She’s sure the pain of losing Victor is bringing up the pain of losing her son. Kate guiltily looks at her phone. Chloe quips that Victor hating her was one of the few constants in her life. She flashes to overhearing him rant about all the men in his family she destroyed. In the present, she can’t imagine what he’d say about her and Xander.

When Kate expresses confusion, Chloe tells her they’re in a relationship. Xander even proposed. A shocked Kate assumes she’s not wearing a ring because of her feelings for Brady. Chloe admits that’s part of it, but also, Xander only proposed in reaction to his exes moving on. (Sarah reuniting with Rex is news to Kate.) Then there’s Philip, who she grew close to again before his death. She can’t even imagine how much Kate misses her son. A tear falls down Kate’s cheek as she says she has something to tell Chloe.

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After a beat, Kate just says she is sorry for how much Chloe’s suffered because of Philip and Brady. She hopes she and Xander can help each other heal. Chloe tells Kate how nice it was talking to her. Kate feels the same, which shows there’s a first time for everything. When Chloe leaves, Kate calls Philip about Victor.

At The Spectator, Xander recalls Victor giving him a coin with family meaning on his wedding day to Sarah. In the present, Brady finds him slumped in his chair, tearing up. After the cousins somberly discuss Victor, Brady apologizes for kissing Chloe. Xander explodes —“You absolute bastard! — and punches him.

Baring his teeth, Xander cocks back his fist, preparing to punch Brady.

Getting him ice, Xander apologizes, but Brady admits he probably deserved that. He assures Xander that Chloe shut him down and is moving on. Xander counters if that were the case, she would have accepted his proposal. He doesn’t think Chloe will ever get over her feelings for either of Victor’s “golden boys.” Brady assures him that while they were never forced to “muck around in the manure,” he and Philip endured the same pressures from Victor. They commiserate over hating how Victor pit them against each other, but falling in line nonetheless. Brady notes all they wanted to do was please him. Xander adds, “Because we loved him.” Brady pulls him into a hug.

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Xander's anguished face nestles into Brady's shoulder as they hug.

Collecting themselves, Brady says, just for the record, he still can’t stand Xander and will pray Chloe comes to her senses. Duly noted, Xander says, but just for the record, he doesn’t care what he thinks. They share a compassionate look before Brady leaves.

Julie finds Maggie lying in bed, cradling Victor’s empty side. Maggie cries in her arms. Later, Maggie tries to recall the last conversation she had with her husband. Julie assures her Victor knew she loved him. She was the light of his life. Recalling their wedding, Maggie tells Julie how happy he made her. Julie marvels over how no one thought she and Victor would last, but they did because she kept him honest. “Well,” Maggie says. “Mostly.”

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Sitting in bed, a teary-eyed Maggie looks at Julie. Julie's hand rests on her shoulder.

Maggie credits Victor with waking her up from her grief over Mickey and recalls telling Victor how young he made her feel. After Mickey, she never thought she’d think about another man romantically, but it was worth risking her heart again for Victor. Julie knows Maggie will get past losing Victor because she has so much to live for. Julie recounts all the struggles Maggie’s endured — having to learn to walk again, staying sober, coming back from the dead, and beating Bonnie Lockhart at all her ridiculous games.

Maggie is grateful to have Julie as a friend. Julie feels the same and recalls how Maggie saved her from a kitchen fire. Before Julie leaves, she assures Maggie that everything that makes her cry today, will comfort her tomorrow. In years to come, it will give her joy.

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Downstairs, Justin calls Sonny with the news. Bonnie comes home as he fights back tears while hanging up. Bonnie assures him he doesn’t to be strong for her. Justin sobs in her arms.

After Justin composes himself, he reflects on Victor mellowing over the years. Bonnie scoffs. He tells her how much Victor hated Adrienne at first, but that he eventually came around. He recalls asking Victor to be his best man at the Greek wedding he planned for them. He was like a father to him. He tears up again over how much he’ll miss him. Next, they laugh over Victor’s reaction to Bonnie moving in and them getting married. Bonnie grows emotional, admitting she’ll miss Victor something awful.

The corners of Justin's eyes crinkle as he smiles widely at Bonnie.

As Maggie tosses and turns in bed, Bonnie comes to her room with tea to help her sleep. Losing Victor has reminded Bonnie of Maggie losing Mickey. Deep down, Bonnie knew she never had a chance with him. He loved Maggie from the moment they met. Maggie flashes to her and Mickey’s first meeting at her farmhouse. “Fifty years ago,” Maggie says wistfully. “Sometimes, it feels like yesterday.”

At Small Bar, Shawn ignores a call and drinks.

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Outside the Pub, a surprised Brady looks ahead at Chloe and Belle.

Belle runs into Chloe outside the Pub. Worried, she’s looking for Shawn, but Chloe hasn’t seen him. Belle apologizes for being so negative about Xander. She supports her no matter what. Chloe is relieved to hear it because she’s thinking of accepting his proposal. A crestfallen Brady approaches and overhears.

Xander comes to the mansion looking for Maggie, but finds Sarah with her back to him. She turns around, revealing her protruding belly. His mouth drops open, and his brow furrows.

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Xander stares ahead with a creased brow and gaping mouth.

A title card at the show’s end reads, “Happy 50th Anniversary, Suzanne Rogers.” Clips play of Maggie through the years. Enjoy more memories below with our photo gallery commemorating the milestone.

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