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The Boss and Vanna GH

Credit: ABC screenshot

This week on General Hospital, Dr. Montague grew even more twisted in his torturing of Sasha, and we have to wonder how much Gladys knows about what he’s doing. The show continues to cast a suspicious eye on Valentin, but we still aren’t buying that he torched Anna’s place. Austin and Mason’s boss had a major identity crisis, and a drunk Tracy provided some comic relief.

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Dr. Demented and Cowboy Cody

It was another week of Dr. Montague drugging Sasha, but it felt like there could be a sliver of hope in Nurse Mandy, who seems to suspect Sasha’s symptoms don’t match her diagnosis. Of course, the evil doctor quickly had Nurse Ratched, aka Janice, remove Mandy from Sasha’s service. Still, she seems to suspect something more is going on. Come on Mandy, we the viewers are counting on you given everyone else is letting us down!

I have to wonder if Gladys knows the extremes Dr. Montague is resorting to in order to keep Sasha locked up. As awful as Gladys is, I can’t see her being okay with putting Sasha back on drugs. She may just be playing a game of “the less I know the better” to deny what is really happening to Sasha. Plus, when she inevitably is caught and accused, Gladys could spin a story that it was all the doctor’s doing, that he gave Sasha the drugs because he’d become infatuated with her and wanted to become her savior. And speaking of the doctor, we’ve still been given no reason for why Dr. Montague is doing this for Gladys. Is it just Sasha’s money? Or something more?

Manic cody GH

Cody pretending to become unglued to get himself committed to Ferncliff was pretty laughable, and Dante saw right through his game. Still, while he can’t give the police the full story on Gladys because of Ms. Wu’s threats of violence, he’s already told Sam pretty much everything, and Sam basically told most of it to Dante when they discussed Mac knowing about Selina’s games at The Savoy. They have all they need to know about why Gladys would want to keep Sasha’s guardianship going, so why haven’t they done anything? As I suggested last week, Sam could have Spinelli hack Gladys’ bank records. And sure, while they legally can’t do anything with illegally obtained information like that, it should be enough to drop some tips to the right people.

V Didn’t Start the Fire

The show really seems to want us to believe that Valentin could have torched Anna’s townhouse, which used to be an actual manor home I thought. Anyway, Dante learned Valentin’s claim he was at ELQ that night the fire was set turned out to be bogus, and his claim of a water main break at ELQ was a lie too. Still, that doesn’t mean he set fire to Anna’s. Or if he did, perhaps it’s to force Anna to be with him at night when she’s vulnerable? If so, it’s still a crummy thing to do to torch her house to get to those ends.

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Given Martin showed up in the middle of the night with mysterious documents from Pikeman for Valentin, it’s likely he lied to Anna of his whereabouts because he was on Pikeman business. That’s still a problem though, because it’s becoming very obvious that Valentin is more than just a messager between Pikeman and Sonny. Now Anna knows he’s getting documents from Pikeman, and he lied about his whereabouts when her home was burned down. Their final scene on Friday, with them in bed together but with their backs toward one another, was heartbreaking! After all that they’ve been through, given how long it’s taken for them to get together and find some happiness, it feels like “Vanna” is being ripped away from the fans. How do we get some of the striking picketing writers and actors to hold up “Save our ‘Vanna’” signs?

Wait, Austin and Mason’s Boss is a What?

Viewers were left stunned and confused when out of the blue Mason referred to “The boss” as a man. And he was sure to really drive that home by mentioning “him” and “he” several times in a sentence or two. “The Boss” originally was said to be a very twisted woman, who made Austin and Mason who they were, but now out of nowhere is now a dude. Frankly, I’m disappointed because I really liked the idea of a powerful, evil woman running a crime syndicate.

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However thinking critically, this twist makes sense. With Victor dead, and Nikolas incapacitated, the show actually lacks a big bad “guy.” Currently, there is also a plethora of villainous and evil-adjacent female characters in Gladys, Ms. Wu and Martin’s yet-to-be-identified third ex-wife. And let’s be frank, based on Gladys’ character alone I can see why they’d shift Austin and Mason’s boss to a man, because it’s going to be hard to hate on any evil female character more than Gladys right now!

Betty arrives GH

I will say one thing, for a crime family that thinks they can take on Sonny and get involved with Pikeman, they sure are pretty dumb. Did Betty not even stop to question how easy it was for her to get into Sonny’s computer? That there wouldn’t be more security measures protecting files on Pikeman? Also, Austin had me chuckling with his insults to Betty and Mason, and how his office is not their clubhouse.

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Deceptively Drunk Tracy

While I’m still wondering whatever happened to the annual Quartermaine fundraising picnic, luau night at the Metro Court pool turned out to be a fun, if just another time filler, event. Brook Lynn getting Tracy drunk, and the fact that she actually became somewhat of a thoughtful funny drunk, was a nice turn of events, given how unpleasant she is when sober. She finally admitted that her interest in Deception is to basically take it over. So she doesn’t want anything to do with her own family’s company, but is more than happy to take Lucy’s? This isn’t making much sense to me, to be honest, but I’m still wanting to know where it’s all going. Is this all about a distraction from missing Luke as drunk Tracy cried about? How does Martin’s third ex-wife and The Deceptor fit in? This is one of the better stories the soap has going for it, so it’s disappointing that it’s not been more front and center. I’d much rather be watching this over Sasha being tortured, Curtis and Portia’s marital problems, and Molly and Kristina’s surrogacy war.

Tracy sees Ned in Eddie

I do have to give the hair and make-up department, and Jane Elliott, massive kudos for Tracy’s hangover look. That definitely wasn’t the prim and proper Tracy we usually see. And for those fed up with “Eddie Maine,” well Tracy’s interactions with him had her seeing a spark that Ned was somewhere still inside when he complained about Sonny’s goombas.

Final Stray Thoughts

I was glad that Gregory finally came clean with Finn about his ALS. Still, as I’ve said before, I’m just not ready for another drawn-out doom-and-gloom death storyline. I really don’t think I’m prepared for when they have to tell poor Chase about his dad’s disease.

I wasn’t one bit surprised Ms. Wu offered to buy The Savoy from Curtis. She’s been after the club for a while, and I suspect that is why she offered to change Trina’s paternity results so Curtis could be free to take off and rescue the world, leaving her to run the club. However, Marshall, who claims to help Curtis run it, is sure in for a surprise! Curtis: “You see pops, I let Ms. Wu run illegal gambling games out of my backroom because she did me this favor that involved acquiring your old arrest records…”

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Like Sam, Alexis and Jordan, I was surprised TJ and Molly steamrolled ahead and have already chosen a surrogate from what, three candidates? Seem’s like a small circle to limit yourself to! However this story still doesn’t have my interest, and after Friday’s exchange between Molly and Kristina, well Molly and TJ can just spend the next nine months with their surrogate off screen and I’d be happy. They really turned Molly into a bit of a witch! For most of this short-lived story, Molly has tried to paint Kristina as the selfish one, the “bad seed.” But in the end, it turned out Molly is just as problematic. As Kristina put it, Molly is “the selfish and insecure one,” because as Molly stated, she didn’t want to be reminded that her child was a gift from her sister, something nobody would ever forget. Frankly, it seems neither one of these women is ready to have a baby period!

That’s it for my thoughts this week. What did you think about what happened on General Hospital? Leave your comments below!

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