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Fans of popular soap opera General Hospital can expect queries, blooming romance, and lots of drama from the upcoming episodes of the long-running ABC series. Keep reading to find out the spoilers and highlights for the August 8, 2023, episode of General Hospital.

General Hospital Spoilers Highlights

Laura asked Valentin, played by James Patrick Stuart, to go back to Port Charles from Russia so he could be with his girlfriend Anna, played by Finola Hughes. He was really worried for her since she told him he could be one of the two people who were the intended targets of the Metro Court pool shooting. They were relieved to meet each other but after talking to Robert, played by Tristan Rogers, Anna has found some new information about Valentin.

Anna finds out about his involvement in the Pikeman Group and Valentin has many of her questions to answer. And with so much danger surrounding them, how will they figure out a way to figure out who is behind the shooting? Cody, played by Josh Kelly, is the only one who is ready to give his all to protect Sasha, played by Sofia Mattsson, He does not care if Gladys, played by Bonnie Burroughs, purposely kept his name off Sasha’s visitor list

Cody will still find a way to check on Sasha and to ensure his suspicions about Gladys are correct, he goes to Brook Lynn, played by Amanda Setton. Even though Brook Lynn doesn’t think Gladys could do something as cruel as resurfacing Sasha’s mental issues, she agrees to help Cody. Considering she calls Sasha her friend, she wants to find a way to help her, and Cody is the only one willing to take all the help possible to protect her at Ferncliff.

Gregory, played by Gregory Harrison, mostly argues with Tracy, played by Jane Elliot, anytime they talk. This time around he is not happy that she told Alexis, played by Nancy Lee Grahn, to check on his health. Lastly, Finn, played by Michael Easton, has finally shared a romantic moment with Elizabeth, played by Rebecca Herbst, after their previous two awkward dates. Will this intimate moment take their relationship to the next level?



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