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At General Hospital, Portia finds Esme waiting in the exam room. Esme explains that she has a sick idea and doesn’t want to spread anything to her son or the staff at her new job. The invader. As Esme cries about leaving her daughter to work, Portia points out that Ace is Cassady and that he and she deserve Spencer’s financial support. Esme doesn’t want to give Spencer any reason to argue that she can’t take care of her son, and it’s too bad she can’t even have privacy for him and his family. She reveals that she’s leaving town, but Spencer vows to follow her wherever she goes. Portia suggests that maybe she just wants to move, because she might be more comfortable without Ace’s family watching her every move.

Portia and Esme's conversation GH

Later, at the nurses’ station, Portia tells Esme that someone will call her with the results of a throat culture and gives her a prescription for pain. She says let’s take care of herself and her child. Esme thanks her and says she will think about what she said.

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In her room, Willow appears to be in pain when a nurse named Clara comes in to check on her. Willow admits that this hurts more than she expected and she can’t feel comfortable. Clara says this is normal, and they just need to find a way to distract her. She asked her mother if she wanted her to come in because she lived here twenty-four-seven. Willow is a bit confused, and Clara asks if they don’t agree. Willow fills Harmony in on her story and in the process realizes that even though she is traumatized and not her biological mother, her first instinct is to protect her.

Willow meets Clara GH

Clara describes it as a mother, and they are only human, and on their best days, they do what they can. However, when they face those difficult days, they must forgive themselves for not being perfect. Clara could still tell that she loved this Harmony, and maybe Harmony didn’t have good parents, and maybe she thought she could do better with her. Clara says that not repeating our mother’s mistakes is the best thing you can do as a mother.

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Clara doesn’t mean to be nosy, but she thinks the woman outside must be her biological mother. Willow says that’s not her mom, it’s her mother-in-law, Carly. Clara says it’s a shame that her biological mother died before she knew her. Willow believes her biological mother is alive and in Port Charles, but wants nothing to do with her. When Clara learns that Willow’s mother is Nina, she screams as she is a big fan of Crimson. Willow says Harmony was at fault, but Nina is a train wreck. Clara explains that everyone is flawed and that life is complicated.

Willow thinks about Nina GH

Clara points out that it was Nina’s aunt who saved Willow’s life, so maybe the universe is saying they should be in each other’s lives. Clara says that Harmony has forgiven her, and Nina is just as unforgiving. That’s what Willow says. Clara suggested, “So how would you feel if you got the call that Nina had died in a car accident?” Willow admits that when Harmony dies and the truth about her comes out, she still misses her and doesn’t stop loving her. She wishes she was still alive. Clara repeatedly insists that her biological mother is not dead. Willow knows and says Nina wants to be in her and her children’s lives. Willow says she would feel another loss if Nina died, but it’s more complicated with Nina. Clara asks if it should be. Clara’s relationship with her mother was not perfect, but she would do anything to see her again. Clara is paged and has to leave, leaving Willow to her thoughts.

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Laura stops by Kevin’s office to talk to him. He may find it necessary. Laura has made a decision, and she won’t be told otherwise. She says that she is going to Russia to look for Nicholas, and he fills him in the property in Chechnya. Kevin agrees that she should go, and he knows she shouldn’t talk after making up her mind, which is why he goes with her.

Laura makes a decision GH

Laura asks Kevin about his job. He asks her the same. Laura convinces Jordan to take the deputy mayor’s job, plus there’s an email to keep in touch. She also thinks that Esme and Spencer need supervision. Kevin says they’ll have to learn to get along eventually, and says they can put Alexis and her daughters on Spencer-watch. Laura said she might ask Sonny for help. Laura says they need someone who knows that area of ​​the world and acts as a translator and has someone in mind. Laura calls Yuri who is between jobs and says he wants to go with them. Laura said she hopes to see her son again for the first time. She and Kevin hug.

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Drew Curtis arrives at the scene and says he heard the DNA test came back. Curtis says he’s Trina’s father, and Drew congratulates Trina on being an amazing young woman. He broadcasts news that Curtis is back in. Drew remembers their last conversation and asks him if he knows how he feels. Curtis says he’s trying to figure things out with Portia and his marriage, but he’s taking things slowly. However, Jordan finds out about it before Portia tells him that she punched him. He says Jordan accused him of using him to get his feelings out and he can’t argue with that. He wasn’t going to hurt Jordan on purpose. “Sometimes you have to hurt the people you love to do what’s right,” Drew said.

Curtis Drew Chat GH

Drew fills Curtis in on the deal the feds could make with Carly if she leaves Sonny. However, he knows you won’t leave Sonny. Drew worries that the feds will pit him and Carlin against each other. Curtis asks if there’s a way he and Carly can win the case together. Drew says he’s working on it. Curtis said no one made any money on the merger, so maybe that’s a slap on the wrist for the deal. Drew doesn’t believe if the feds are after Sony. Drew finally comes out and thanks Curtis for the speech.

Outside, Drew makes a call to someone and says they need to move the meeting regarding the SEC. He wants to discuss to make an agreement.

Drew GH made a call

At the Metro Court pool bar, Zeke introduces himself to Jordan, who feels she wouldn’t be good company. He takes the drink and offers to leave her alone, but she apologizes if she comes across as rude. She says her bad mood is her own fault, and that she’s acting stupid. She confides in her ex’s kiss, which is immediately returned to his new wife. However, she told herself not to waste another minute of her time on him, and offered Zeke another drink. Zeke accepts and asks where Jordan is from since she hasn’t seen him around. Zeke admits he’s new to Port Charles, and the place is getting better by the minute.

Zeke and Jordan meet GH.

By the pool, Tracy berates Brooke Lynn for not bringing her information about the deception and asks if Chase is too much of a distraction. She intends to tell him how she pulled strings to get his attention. Brooke Lynn yells at her and says that Sasha, Maxie, and Lucy are her friends so she has to worry about what she’s planning. She says they are the best bosses, and the deception is working well. “All that and it will change soon,” Tracy teased. Tracy leaves, and BLQ wonders what happened.

BLQ and Tracy argue GH.

Chase returns with a patch to find Tracy dismembered. He asks what is happening to her and her grandfather. Brooke wishes she knew Lee.

A swimming boy cleaned up at the bar and Jordan’s ring was left in one of the empty glasses.

In Zeke’s room, he and Jordan hit the sheets.

At Deception, Maxie reads the sales records on The Deceptor, and tells Lucy that it’s too good to be true. Lucy thinks it’s a great product and makes some champagne to celebrate. Lucy pours them some glass and they toast to their success. Maxie knew cheating was a good idea, but she didn’t think it would be successful. He tells Lucy to dream big, including moving to a big house.

Lucy and Maxie find home GH

Lucy suggests that they start looking online to find her dream home, and Maxie admits that her place is tight. They get to shopping, and Maxie says that Lucy can’t afford any of the houses she’s choosing. Maxie explains what she wants, and Lucy finds the perfect home. Maxie isn’t sure, but Lucy urges her to take the leap.

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