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The following contains spoilers for Good Omens Season 2, streaming now on Prime Video.

Good Omens fans who subscribe to Prime Video can access Season 2’s bloopers now — provided they can find them, that is.

As reported by Polygon, the blooper reel debuted alongside Good Omens Season 2 itself, however, many of the fantasy-comedy’s devotees likely haven’t spotted them due to their easy-to-miss location. To access this material, viewers need to select the “X-Ray” option every time it appears on-screen during Good Omens‘ second season. This will launch either an outtake, a deleted/extended scene, or behind-the-scenes footage. As Polygon notes, some of this content has already made its way onto social media, including an alternate version of the scene in which Crowley (David Tennant) performs the “I was wrong” dance for Aziraphale (Michael Sheen) in Episode 1, “The Arrival.”

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Another notable extended scene doing the rounds online involves David Tennant delivering multiple different lines when Crowley orders drinks from himself and Aziraphale. While it’s unclear which (if any) of these lines was improvised by Tennant himself, his co-star Michael Sheen recently praised Good Omens creator Neil Gaiman for allowing them both the freedom to experiment on set. “I think one of the things about Neil that is so wonderful is that he is so open and generous with ideas,” Sheen said. “And he’s so not precious about what he’s doing. He is very respectful of what he and [the Good Omens novel’s co-author Terry Pratchett] created and is probably a bigger fan than any other fan, but he’s not precious about it, and he’s very open to collaboration.”

Neil Gaiman Teases Good Omens Season 3

For his part, Gaiman is eager to start work on Good Omens Season 3, as soon as the Writers Guild of America strike is over. The celebrated scribe confirmed on X (formerly Twitter) that Good Omens‘ third batch of episodes is already “planned and plotted,” while noting that he won’t sit down to write the actual teleplays until the WGA strike ends. Gaiman added that the best way fans can support Good Omens Season 3 in the meantime is to watch Season 2, introduce other people to Season 1, and lobby Hollywood studios to negotiate with the WGA.

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Tennant echoed Gaiman’s sentiments in a subsequent interview, insisting that Good Omens Season 3’s fate “is in the lap of the audience.” The Scottish actor also implied that the third season will resolve the second season’s cliffhanger ending, providing further impetus for them to campaign on Good Omens‘ behalf.

Source: Polygon