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Jack and Gully have never seen eye to eye, so it’s understandable why the former is reluctant to work with the rival promoter. Being that she’s always the voice of reason, though, Staci suggests that Jack should apologize to Gully and appeal to his human side. That way, Gully might forgive Jack for humiliating him, drop the lawsuit, and forget about the event. Then again, this is Gully we’re talking about — a man who’s yet to show a shred of human decency.

Elsewhere, Jack offers Ace another chance to run the DWL with him. However, Ace says that he needs to find a new calling, and that means putting wrestling in the rearview mirror for the time being. Jack respects his decision, and the offer will always be on the table if Ace ever changes his mind.

Last week’s episode also saw Willie Day (Mary McCormack) and Crystal Tyler (Kelli Berglund) suggest introducing a women’s division to the DWL. Those plans now seem to be materializing as El Dorado has joined the roster, marking the “Heels” debut of CM Punk’s real-life wife AJ Mendez. Mendez’s first appearance also sees her character train with Punk’s Ricky Rabies, and Crystal is intimidated by Dorado’s superior in-ring skills.

Jack, meanwhile, takes Staci’s advice and apologizes to Gully, but the FWD promoter doesn’t care as he believes Jack punched “God” in front of his people. Jack then argues that the event won’t work as the FWD is a deathmatch promotion while the DWL caters to fans of storytelling. However, Gully retorts by saying it’s a one-time-only event, and that they owe it to the fans to follow up on the real-life drama they’ve created. Jack doesn’t necessarily disagree.