HGTV is selling the ‘Brady Bunch’ house for $5.50.  million

HGTV is selling the “Brady Butch” house in Studio City for $5.50. Million, several years after it was revived on television.

A portion of the proceeds from sales will “help provide up to 250,000 meals for Giveback! Fight Hunger, which aims to help hungry children in America through No Kid Hungry,” the Warner Bros. Discovery-owned channel said in a statement this week. The initiative works with programs that prepare meals for children.

First in the year Built in 1959 in Late Modernist architecture, the house was used for exteriors during the show’s five-season run from 1969 to 1974, followed by decades of syndication, anchoring the blended family in pop culture for eight seasons. The building will be the second most photographed home in America behind the White House.

However, the interior of the house looks nothing like the rooms seen on the show. That’s because scenes that allow viewers to enter Brady’s residence were filmed on sets at Soundstage 5 at Paramount Studios in Hollywood.

In the year In 2018, HGTV merged the two facts and revealed the house at 11222 Dilling St. He bought it for $3.5 million, nearly double the original asking price. The channel has surpassed Hollywood celebrities including former ‘N Sync member Lance Bass.

The network spent another $1.9 million to recreate the home where America knew Mike, Carol, Greg, Marsha, Peter, Jan, Bobby and Cindy Brady. HGTV added a second story to make room for the episodes aired on the show.

The network chronicled the process on “A Very Brady Renovation,” which featured the six actors who played the Brady children. The cast, along with HGTV stars, helped her maintain the home, while the crew painstakingly replicated the set pieces and 1970s decor — right down to the cabinet hardware.

Today, the sale of the home is managed by Compass Real Estate. The midcentury home’s online listing invites buyers to “own a piece of pop culture history” and features images of the detailed and refined 5,000-square-foot interior, which includes five bedrooms and bathrooms.

According to HGTV, the home includes “many of its contents, such as a green floral living room sofa and credenza’s 3D-printed horse statue.” The house will be available for sale starting this month.



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