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Reilly Smedley became the third houseguest to exit the “Big Brother” when she was evicted by a vote of 12-0 Thursday night. The 24-year old bartender from Nashville was ousted on Day 16 over Cameron Hardin. Head of Household Hisam Goueli made it no secret he was gunning for Reilly, and despite the house nearly flipping he got his wish.

“I think there is a lot of fear in the house right now,” Reilly told host Julie Chen Moonves during her exit interview. “I definitely had my core alliance rooting for me, but it was really hard to gather those votes because we were so divided in the beginning. People were afraid to flip to the other side. When I found out at the end that the plan might not be working out I did tell my alliance to not blow their alliance by not voting for me.”

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Julie asked Reilly why Hisam viewed her as such a threat in the game. “The first week was definitely more intense than anyone anticipated,” she responded. “Me being up in that HOH room definitely put a target on my back. We very quickly assembled an eight-person alliance and then there were eight other people on the outside of that alliance that quickly assembled as well. When I viewed Hisam, I saw someone who was a really strong game player and would probably look at me as a really strong game player on the other side of the house. I said, ‘He might come for me so maybe I should come for him.’ Then he heard that I was going to come for him and now he came for me.”

When teased about a secret relationship in the house, Reilly guessed perhaps Jared Fields and Blue Kim were in a relationship. When Julie revealed Jared was actually Cirie Field‘s son Reilly gasped in shock. “No way!” she exclaimed. “That’s crazy! Gosh, they’re good liars. That’s awesome.” After some goodbye messages from a few fellow houseguests, Reilly ended her time on “Big Brother” stating, “I’m super happy to have had the opportunity to be here. I’m so lucky. I love this game and I can’t even believe that this is real and I was a part of it. I couldn’t be happier.”

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