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It felt like old times for Bold & Beautiful fans fortunate enough to attend the show’s fan event in Los Angeles on Sunday, August 7. Why? Because one of the soap’s most popular on-again, off-again cast members, Ashley Jones, was in attendance. Better still, she gave us all hope that her much-loved alter ego, Bridget, might soon be appearing again.

Bridget, Taylor, Ridge, Hayes, Steffy B&B

Certainly the time is more than right for Bridget to pop back up. There’s certainly a lot of drama for her to get caught up on (and potentially in), whether mom Brooke’s latest reunion with (and upcoming wedding to) Ridge or fellow doctor Finn’s situation with estranged-wife Steffy and his mom, Sheila. Heck, Bridget could even bring son, Logan to the canvas. Heaven knows by now, he’s probably grown into a strapping young man who could give R.J. a run for his money in the romance department.

Lest anyone forget, Bridget is — as far as we know — in Los Angeles. She was, you’ll recall, on hand to help Steffy recover after being shot by Sheila. Should Bridget decide she needs a break from hospital life, she could always slip back into the veil behind which she kinda-sorta hid during her stint as fashion designer Madame X.

So what has us thinking Bridget might soon be returning? Well, it all started with an Instagram post Jones unleashed upon the internet showing herself getting glammed up for the fan event. A fan asked why she was no longer on the soap, and Jones replied, “Someday soon!”

Now, maybe we’re reading too much into her response — hey, we’re only human — but we focused on the fact that she didn’t put the word “maybe” before the “someday soon.”

While talking to Bold & Beautiful superfan Matt Hanvey during the festivities, the possibility of a Finn/Bridget hook-up was raised, as was the fact that, as Jones said, “We’ve never seen Bridget and Deacon deal with” any of their many issues. “There’s secrets,” she added.

In short… there’s a whole lot of reasons that Bridget could and definitely should return to the canvas. Certainly Jones is willing. “Any time Bold & Beautiful calls, I’ll happily be there,” she admitted last time we spoke. “That show is my heart and everyone over there is my family. Bridget means more to me than any other character I’ve played, before or since, and a bit part of that is the loyalty of the audience and the love they show us. That’s very powerful.”

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