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While the series finale His latest show with James Corden While you might not find what One Direction fans were expecting, you’ll find Harry Styles and comic genius Will Ferrell.

On Monday, the host shared that the two are the final guests slated for the show. Styles and Corden have collaborated for years, and the pop star has appeared repeatedly The latter is a late displayFrom musical performances to “carpool karaoke” to salsa dancing with Corden’s parents. The “As It Was” singer has served as a guest on the show on several occasions, and last summer Styles got all of Madison Square Garden to sing “Happy Birthday” to his late showmate.

Ferrell finally joined Corden in 2011 Late show Duration.

last week, Late show Co-executive producer Ben Winston denied rumors that One Direction would help Corden say goodbye. Winston responded to the fan to show that he was reunited Twitter, “I wish! Unfortunately no! ”


On Monday, Corden teased Tuesday’s Carpool Karaoke episode on Instagram with Blapink, who headlined Coachella this past weekend. The host is seen in the car asking for “someone to help me get to work,” then to Jisoo, Jenny, Lisa, and Rose in the passenger and back seats, “Near you Blackpinky!” They are seen waiting before speaking. The episode will air in one of the last 12 episodes of the night.