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Nilesh approaches Nidhi and blackmails her to keep her secret. He reveals that he knows she doesn’t want Karan to reunite with Preeta. Nilesh discloses that Karan employed him to locate Preeta, but he remains unaware of her connection with Rajveer. In a surprising twist, Nilesh shocks Nidhi by proposing a more sinister plan: the assassination of Preeta. Nidhi agrees to give money to Nilesh if is successful in killing Preeta. A solemn pledge seals their arrangement.

On the other hand, Gurpreet notices Preeta nursing a minor injury and inquires about her well-being. Preeta explains a car grazed her hand, adding humorously that Shrishti treated her wound. Gurpreet suggests a protective puja to dispel negative energy. Preeta says that her heart is restless. Their conversation takes a serious turn when Preeta confides in Gurpreet about Shrishti’s forewarning of an intentional threat against her. Gurpreet says that Shrishti may be right, and Preeta says that she thinks she has a connection with someone in this city but she has no idea if she has any enemies as well. She expresses her dilemma and suspects Shrishti is withholding information. Gurpreet thinks that Shrishti may be hiding about the Luthra family, Preeta asks Gurpreet to make tea for her.

Karan is engaged in his work, urged by Rishabh to continue despite the presence of Rajveer at home. Nilesh met Karan. Karan introduces Nilesh to Rishabh, revealing that he hired the detective to locate Preeta. Nidhi eavesdrops on their conversation. Nilesh assures Karan he will confirm details about Preeta’s whereabouts and report back. Karan says he wants Preeta to perform Kavya’s kanyadaan at her wedding. Rishabh requests Nilesh to put forth his best effort. Nilesh promises to try his best to locate Preeta before Kavya’s marriage. Nilesh informs Nidhi that Karan is actively searching for Preeta. 

Rajveer is surprised by Palki’s presence in the Luthra house and is shocked to see a new appearance. Rajveer appreciates Palki’s new look and tells her that she looks pretty. Palki smiles.

Back at Preeta’s home, she imagines Karan, sparking memories of their shared past. In her dream, Karan appears before her, igniting a sense of familiarity and affection. Preeta questions his presence, leading to a heartfelt conversation. Karan asks Preeta to feel his heartbeat and she nods and remembers their past moments.

This episode was watched on Zee5.