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The “Love Is Blind” cast reunited for the first time since their tumultuous season shut down for a Netflix live reunion special — albeit an hour late. Although not streaming. everywhere Of course, when the meeting began, it was full of drama.

To refresh your memory, who said yes at the altar in the season finale: Tiffany and Brett, Chelsea and Kwame, and Bliss and Zach — who, in the season’s biggest twist, first broke up in the pod, but later got engaged. After calling it quits with his first fiancee Irina in Mexico after they couldn’t make things work.

Micah and Paul were engaged, but in the end he said no at the altar. And perhaps the season’s most dramatic couple was Jackie and Marshall, who split after an emotional rollercoaster of an engagement, which ended with her keeping the ring from Marshall, only to rekindle the fire with Josh, who’s in the pod with someone else.

Everyone got a chance to tell their side of the story during a reunion hosted by Nick and Vanessa Lachey. Jackie and Josh were absent, but did a highlight interview with Vanessa on Saturday, giving a status update. Scroll through the gallery below for an update on where each pair — and Irina — are a year after filming wrapped.