‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Episode Teases ‘NCIS: Cold Case’ Spinoff?

“Sometimes you’re a dove, sometimes you’re a statue.”

CBS’ NCIS: Los AngelesIn the penultimate episode before the two series finale, he introduced Callen, Sam and us the audience to the NCIS cold case detective. Special Agent Daisy Van Zant. And we can’t help but think that Daisy’s team could be the focus of a new spinoff to jump ship for CBS.

As played by Rose Abdu Winner (whose previous TV credits include Hacking, Scandal And Bunheads), Daisy was a breath of fresh air as she shared with the OSP agents how things work in her less glamorous branch of the agency, who sure as hell knows how to turn a phrase. .

Nothing official about it being last Sunday’s episode. common sense Backdoor Spinoff Pilot – We’re doing a dream-program here as we try to lose one of the current three NCISes – but man, this week NCIS: LA It sure took a lot of breadcrumbs for the CBS development department to chew on.

“how many [cold case files] are there?”
“I stopped counting.”

And then, once the cold case in hand was solved by Callen and company, and Daisy retreated to the room where many other files were stored….

“One down…hundreds to go.

Paramount+ screenshot

Hmmm, “Hundreds” sounds like at least a few seasons to us. But what about you? Daisy made an entrance NCIS: Los Angeles Episode “Maybe Today” Are you curious about more NCIS cold cases?


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