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Battle Back on Big Brother

Big Brother 25 is about to run its longest season ever with 100 Days from start to finish and the season finale on November 9, 2023 and Big Brother is known for stretching out its seasons with lots of little tricks like bringing back HGs. So is that about to happen again with the first few evictions of BB25?

We heard from Cory when he “returned” from the BB25 Nether Region after losing in his premiere night Scaryverse competition. Cory announced that while he came back quickly (sounds like it was less than a half hour), “unfortunately, next week one of you won’t be so lucky.” Okay, so it sounds like a set up that could take an evicted HG into the Nether Region for a longer stay, right?

Big Brother has done this plenty of times before with the first several evictees going to another round of sequester only to show back up in a few weeks for a quick comp and crushing defeat of their hopes after spending countless hours in isolation for nothing. But maybe not so fast this year.

Per Mike Bloom, he covers Big Brother for Parade, press has been told to plan for live video eviction interviews this week which typically indicates an evicted HG is officially being released back into the wild. When production has further plans for an evictee we hear about them getting typed interviews so the questions can reviewed and controlled to prevent any reveals that would taint their return to the game. Hmm.

In a follow-up tweet, Mike does mention this wouldn’t preclude future evictions leading to a Battle Back scenario, but just for now it seems less likely. I’d have to agree, but even with 17 HGs we’re going to need some help covering all this time, especially if production wants to get in a Double Eviction event or two (yes, please!).

So after all that, what does Cory’s message mean about something like his “abduction” to The Upside Down Nether Regions happening again in Week 2 and lasting longer? I guess we’ll find out Thursday or soon after, but it really did seem like a big set up for an early Battle Back event on Big Brother 25. What do you think?